Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't Dress Your Six Year Old Like a Skank

Everyone has always been amazed at how much I read. Not just how MANY books (although I can and do jet through them) but how I have the TIME to read. In high school, in college, as a new mother, as a working woman and now as a middle-aged (sigh, yes, only about half a century more to go) woman, people still ask me how I can read so much. A friend loaned me a book she had checked out from the public library, knowing how much I had wanted to read it. She reassured me that there was still a couple of weeks before it was due. I returned it to her two days later. Read. Finished. She walked away, muttering to herself.

So, how do I make time to read? Let me ask you a question. How do you make time to BREATHE??? OK, point taken? I have to read. It's not even an issue up for discussion.

And what am I reading? It depends on the day. I am probably the most eclectic reader you will ever meet. I like any genre, as long as it is a good story. MUST be a good story. (Do movie makers today know what a good story even is? I think they forgot the concept a long time ago.) Good stories are not easy to find. But not impossible.

I recently read "The White Masai", by Corinne Hofmann. I didn't even realize this was a non-fiction book until I picked it up at the library, but it is the true story of a white Swiss woman who travels to Africa on vacation and falls in love with a Masai warrior. They exchange a glance on a ferry and that's it. She leaves everything in her old life behind to be with him and live his unbelievable, incredible life with him. I can't imagine doing some of the things she does from living in a mud hut to cooking over a fire to battling a variety of serious illnesses in the African bush, including malaria. When I went to the Internet to confirm the author, I found that they are making a movie from this book - and there is also a sequel. If you are interested in a fascinating glimpse into a completely different way of life, check this one out.

Now, if you saw a book on the new shelf in the library called "Don't Dress Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank", you would pick it up, wouldn't you? Me too. And so you should. It's hilarious. It's by Celia Rivenbark, who apparently writes a newspaper column and has a couple of other books. It's a slice-of-life kind of book with chapters titled "If It Ain't on Ebay, It Ain't Worth Having" and "Something Stinks and I'm Pretty Sure It's Tonya Harding". She is a Southern writer so there's lots of laugh-out-loud Southern humor.

So, what are YOU reading?


boo said...

How is it that the post you ended with a question has no comments!? Well, I love to read too! Maybe that is a prerequisite for teaching! I am currently reading A LOT of teacher type books but nothing that anyone besides another 2nd grade teacher would care about so those don't count! I recently read "32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny..Life Lessons From Teaching" by Phillip Done and it is hilarious! I recommend it to anyone in the teaching profession. I really want to read the twelfth Janet Evanovich (LOVE HER!) book but I need someone to let me borrow it (hint, hint). Currently I am reading a funny murder mystery by Meg Cabot called "Size 12 Is Not Fat". The title sucked me in and the beginning is pretty funny so I'll have to let you know about the rest!

Always looking for a good book!

Mrs. Who said...

I believe I am the one who gave you the Phillip Done book. It IS hilarious. And Evanovich. LOVE HER. I also have a new book by Meg Cabot I'm going to read. I know she wrote the "Princess Diaries" books but she also writes chick lit that is supposed to be good. I'll let you know!