Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fruit is SO not a dessert

So I am fat. Yeah. Fat. I have more than one roll on my stomach. My thighs rub together when I walk. And I have dimples on my thighs. Cellulite dimples. Don't ya hate those?

When you read those diet help articles in EVERY magazine, most of the women talk about how they have fought their fat for years - like since they were in elementary school. Not me. I was skinny, skinny, skinny for years. I weighed 100 pounds when I went to college. I didn't start getting fat until I was in my late 30's and my bad eating habits and aversion to exercise of any kind which did not involve reading a book in a lazy boy recliner, finally caught up with me. I know everyone overweight struggles with it. I know it's a battle. But I kinda think it's harder for those of us that used to be thin. Effortlessly thin.

So I'm on Weight Watchers. It has worked before. In fact, it works beautifully. Right up to the point I stop being on Weight Watchers and start eating homemade butter cream frosting with a spoon.

But I am serious this time. I am determined. My friend Hazel says I seem determined. I am. I'm tired of being fat. And I had to buy a bigger size in pants!! Uh-uh. No way am I heading up that road.

When you check the Weight Watchers online site, they have menu ideas. I'm trying to use them. They are good, sensible and very helpful. But...they have fruit for dessert. It's like - eat this and this and this - and finish with a tangerine. Huh? That's not dessert. Dessert is chocolate. Dessert is cake and pie and cookies. Dessert is good and sinful and wicked. Dessert is NOT FRUIT. But it should be. And it will be. It will be.

I'm working on it.


LizzyBee said...

We don't really eat dessert at our house. Occasionally one of us will crave something, and they other will go get it, but it's not really a thing for us.
Now, cooking with whole milk, cream, and real butter is a problem, and I just got a new cookbook for Christmas that has given me several new ideas for dinners, I'll share it with you.

Anonymous said...

I SO agree with you. I am also working on "it" and WW is the only way to go. We have polished off all the cookies, pie, cake, ice cream etc. etc, that live in our pantry, and as a result, I had pineapple for "dessert" last night. It's tasty, but it's NOT dessert. I really understand.

Mrs. Who's Sister

boo said...

You are sooo right! Fruit is a side dish...just like veggies (preferably with cream or cheese or buttery cracker crumbs on top!). They (the "I used to be fat but now I'm soooo skinny" people) TRY to make us believe that fruit is a dessert but they're not fooling me! These are the same people who claim that loosing weight is sooo simple, just eat health and exercise...Oh, is that all!??

Seriously committed to not buying bigger pants,

PS-You are NOT fat! :)

Mrs. Who said...

I'm really working on the whole fruit thing. I have discovered I really like some frozen fruit - like cherries. They are easy and good. And if you put enough whipped topping on them, you can almost pretend they are dessert.

You are so right about the veggies. They are much better in a casserole with cheese and crumbs on top!

I guess I am not fat compared to some people but compared to me back in the day, I am. But I'm getting there. Seven pounds off when I weighed in today!!