Monday, March 5, 2007

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can eat a really healthy breakfast of raisin granola and low fat milk and get to school where they have a spread of delicious snacks in the teacher's lounge and you can eat again as if you had never had breakfast? As if you are actually hungry?

Did you know that you can decide that since you have had, technically, two breakfasts, you can skip lunch but at about 11:30 you realize you are, indeed, hungry and you go to the lounge and, guess what? There are leftover snacks and you can fill your plate again? And even congratulate yourself because there are still brownies left!

Did you know that you can actually find yourself justifying eating all that sugary, salty, fatty goodness by realizing you are hungry again and that it must have just burned off really fast because you are in such good shape due to the fact that you walked on the treadmill exactly one half hour this week?

Did you know that you can then go out to dinner with your husband and order a complete meal, eat the bread on the table, your salad and all your dinner, including french fries and actually contemplate ordering dessert before you get yourself under control and realize you will have to jerk a knot in your own tail this weekend and get back on the diet?

I think I heard about someone who did this. I'm just saying.


Lucy's Mom said...

The only thing that saves me is that I don't have to go to work in a traditional office and face all those snacks. Doctor's offices are the WORST...patients bring food, other employees bring food, drug reps bring food, food is ordered, etc. etc. Now, I mostly work at home and the kitchen only has in it what I buy and I only buy healthy shit (for the moment). It's hard to think of eating like this forever but I realize I must get past that thought and realize that this is a LIFESTYLE and not a diet. I keep trying.

boo said...

Yep, that's pretty much me to a t! Are you stalking me!?