Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some People Are A Little...Clueless

I know the title of this post will come as a shock to you, my Internet friends, since you are all so intelligent, sophisticated and astute. And haven't you lost some weight?

It's sad but true. Some people are clueless.

This morning, one of the traffic lights on my way to school had switched from red to flashing yellow, because of the bad weather. This is a traffic light that is always there. People stop and go there every morning. Now, I know that you, my intelligent, sophisticated and astute Internet friends, know that when a traffic light switches because of an emergency, this means the intersection is now a four-way stop and not that you are free to fly right through it. Correct? You do know this, right? Then we are just a few out of approximately a skillion people. Because everyone except me was flying right through it while the drivers in the connecting intersection sat. And sat. And sat. Waiting for the clueless losers to stop and let them through.
See? Clueless.

When I was shopping the other day, I suddenly heard the very (very) loud sound of a cricket chirping. I turned around, as did several other shoppers, to try to determine where the ginormous cricket was located. Then, this woman took her chirping cell phone out of her purse and answered it. Really? A huge, chirping cricket is the sound you choose for your cell phone? How...interesting. Some people might find that sound annoying. A lot of people, in fact. The plus side is that this event helped me come up with a new philosophy. The annoyingness and loudness of your cell phone is directly proportional to how long it takes to find it in your purse. Haven't you noticed this? Especially when you are at a meeting and everyone is looking at you? Glad I don't have a cricket chirping in there. See? Clueless.

Then there was the guy in front of me at Best Buy. He was trying to exchange a DVD. This would have been no problem, but the DVD had been opened. He insisted it was defective. No problem, said the clerk, he could get another identical DVD. He didn't want an identical DVD. He wanted a different title. Couldn't do it, said the clerk. Only the same title. Well, duh. If you could open a DVD, then exchange it for another one, Netflix might as well shut down. Best Buy could provide the same service. Buy one, watch it, exchange it. This guy did not get the concept. He got louder and louder. Angrier and angrier. I really wanted to step in and use my teacher voice, but I didn't. I finally moved to another line. See? Clueless.

I'm so glad you are intelligent, sophisticated and astute. And slim. Just like me. It's everyone else who is clueless. Not us.

I've had a couple of comments as well as emails about the flashing yellow light issue, so I'm adding this to my post. Normally, of course, a flashing yellow light means to cautiously slow down and proceed through an intersection. But when a traffic light which is normally red/green/yellow switches to flashing yellow (usually because of weather), it does change the intersection to a four-way stop. Otherwise, everyone would be driving through the intersection and there would be serious accidents. Or, as the Internet says: Traffic light failure in most jurisdictions must be handled by drivers as...a four-way stop...pending the arrival of a police officer to direct traffic.


Anonymous said...

And don't you wish that everyone could have PERFECT children just like ours.

Not clueless just the facts.


Lucy's Mom said...

So sorry to rain on your clueless parade but a flashing yellow light does not mean stop. It means slow down and be careful. A flashing RED light means stop and take turns going through the intersection.

Your annoying sister

sarah said...

Gotta agree with you here, at least in KY our lights go to flashing yellow when the power is out or lines are down or whatever. It is the emergency four way stop signal...and it drives me CRAZY when people don't follow!

The cricket cell phone is really funny by the way! Who picks that?