Thursday, January 24, 2008

Super Geeks

Now this is just how geeky we really are. Y'all already know how obsessed Tom and I were about watching the old episodes of "Smallville" and you may possibly remember (if you have absolutely nothing else to do with your time) the little game we had going with "Caw".

Well, you know with the writer's strike, there's not much on TV and we have to do something in between getting our movie fixes from Netflix (since I am forced to alternate our movie selections with seasons of "Gilmore Girls" - why yes, we do watch a lot of TV, what's your point?), we decided to go back and watch "Smallville" over again.

Yes, we are that geeky and obsessed. So, the other night, they showed something to do with the crows school team and I called out "Caw!". And Tom turned around and said (actually a trifle annoyed) "You can't just say caw anytime, you know." And I said "Oh, really?" And he said "Yeah!" and then he took my "Gilmore Girls" DVD and he snapped it in two. And he laughed an evil laugh.

OK, not really. But I bet he would LIKE to. Actually he said we had to come to an agreement about when to say "Caw". Like, we had to have rules and everything.

Now some people might have laughed out loud at this. But no. I joined in the discussion in quite an animated manner. It wasn't until later that I realized how totally and completely lame we are.

So we agreed. It has to be a banner that says something about the school team. It cannot be a varsity jacket. He came up with that one on the fly just because I beat him to the caw. Sore loser. It has to actually have a picture of a crow on it. He had the nerve to think he could slip that one past me. I don't THINK SO, Mister.

I am the first to admit this has caused some cursing at our house. "Caw!" "Damn, I didn't even see that." "Caw!" "Awwww, I missed it."

This is kind of similar to a drinking game where you have to take a slug every time you see something on the screen or a character says something.

But that would actually be cool. This is totally not cool. It's really pretty geeky. Super geeky. But, oh. There is some serious laughing going on.


sarah said...

Well that is terrible about the credit cards! Why would they still take them if they are TAPED together??? I commonly also just tear them up. I never toss them whole, but think a couple of tears will do the more. I will shred them all!

sarah said...

wait...i totally left this comment on the wrong post. Fool. Anway, I ALSO wanted to comment on this one!! This totally sounds like something that would happen in my house. Looks like the super geek gene runs in the family!

Phoenix said...

I love Gilmore Girls. Mine that I've been rewatching are Charmed and Two and a half Men. Next I'll move onto Alias. I hate the writers stike.r