Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer has a weekly happening in the blogosphere where bloggers can contribute something they have done that works for them. I now have something to contribute. But I have to say. When writing a blog post about something takes longer than actually DOING something, that says something about the blogger. I'm not sure what. I'm afraid to think about it.

Wes has lots of toys at our house. Toys, books, cars, games, you name it. And they have sort of...taken over. When he comes over, we have to dig through the boxes and piles to find the things we want to play with and that just eats into some serious tummy tickling time. I didn't like that. I like things ORGANIZED. (Now, at this very moment, Tom is saying how I don't mind things WITH A LITTLE DUST ON THEM. And this is so true. But they are ORGANIZED.)


So I decided I needed a shelf of some kind. A shelf with some kind of bins in it. I had a mental image. Always a bad thing to do. But I finally decided to check the Mecca of shopping, according to bloggers - Target. And I found the perfect thing. PERFECT. And, in my ignorance, I thought it would just pop out of the box like a little, angelic genie, already assembled. Because I have a tiny bit of difficulty with assembly. When I put together a high chair for Wes, it was absolutely perfect. Except the shelf for his little feet was on the back of the chair. Hey! It shouldn't fit together that way if it's not right. Now, you may be thinking I have a husband who is very handy. He IS very handy. He is also very lazy. And I am very impatient. I was things done NOW. He thinks in a few days is just fine. So. I have to put things together myself. Anyway.

The almost perfect shelf.

Apparently, it will not pop out fully assembled. Damn.

I'm a little afraid now.

Man. Look at all those pieces.

Now, I'm just saying. Don't the directions for Step 1 and Step 2 look JUST ALIKE?

Uh. Maybe I can do this.

Sure I can.

Am I good or WHAT?

Where is a magazine photographer for the perfectly assembled item when you need one? And, Voila! We are now ORGANIZED. And dust-free. For the moment.

To complete this transformation yourself (and buy it for less than I paid at the store, even with shipping - how annoying is that?) go to: Target Toy Storage Shelf. You can get it in white or light colored wood. If you need any help putting it together, give me a call. Because you know. I'm an EXPERT. And it's not even put together BACKWARDS.


SAHMmy Says said...

I love that bin cart--have one in my son's room. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in his closet so it's in the open and his baby sister amuses herself by pulling out each and every toy!

Amy said...

Okay, personally, I thought the first photo looked waaaay cleaner than my daughter's room normally is, so the fact that you were wanting to improve on that is amazing in and of itself! :)

I have the same problem with "some assembly required" items. We have a bookshelf in our living room with all the shelves installed upside-down.

Your finished product looks really good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you spent the majority of the time taking pictures, instead of just putting it together...(?)


Nikky said...

My son Eric (AKA LegoMan) has one of these in his room, LOVE IT!
But it was not too fun to assemble, I will admit that!