Friday, January 25, 2008

For Fun Friday

Check out this great site. You can type in the title of a book you like, and it will find other books you might like to read.

You don't want to eat your vegetables. FINE. You can play them then. Not play WITH THEM. Play them.

Use this web site to figure out how much gas will cost to go visit your friends or family.

Forget about those grocery store flyers - use this web site to get all the good deals. You can even search by store, make a list and print it out to take with you.

And finally. We get lots of credit card offers. Lots. I mean it. Lots. I think the better your credit is, the more applications they send you. Like "Hey! You are good with your money and don't have many credit cards at all? Why not get some credit cards and spend some of that hard-earned cash??? You know you WANT TO."

Normally, I shred those applications but sometimes I get lazy when we get three or four in the mail IN ONE DAY and I will just tear them into pieces. I have been known to just tear them in to two or three pieces.

No more.

Apparently, it is possible to tape those pieces back together, mail in the application asking for a credit card to be sent TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS and actually get a card.

I'll shred EVERYTHING from now on.

I hope you do too.


sarah said...

So, even though I left this EXACT comment on the post below, what if a million of your readers are just DYING to know my thoughts on is is again...

Well that is terrible about the credit cards! Why would they still take them if they are TAPED together??? I commonly also just tear them up. I never toss them whole, but think a couple of tears will do the more. I will shred them all!

Lucy's Mom said...

I shred EVERYTHING that has any little tiny scrap of information about us on it. I trust no one. Shredding is easier than tearing it up anyway. Better safe than sorry.