Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Bad. Or Not.

I was working with my technology students one afternoon last week and one of the boys was not on task. He was not working on his animated movie, but was in Power Point creating something. I called him down and he calmly told me that I had told him to work on that particular project. Which I had. But I had forgotten. So, I said "Sorry, Justin. My bad."

And the kids groaned in agony. GROANED. "Mrs. Who, that is so old! Nobody says that anymore!".

And here I thought I was just on the cutting edge of kid lingo. Not. So I asked them what they said in place of My bad. And they proceeded to show me some hand slap, spin movement which ended by saying "Peace" to each other. I couldn't duplicate it if I tried. I have no idea whether this is something that replaced "My bad" just at my school or whether this is the new big thing.


I miss the days when everything was groovy. I really liked groovy.


trinity67 said...

So do groovy.

bubandpie said...

My students all laughed at me when I said "shizzle" in class. At least I was using it as an EXAMPLE of how quickly a trendy slang expression becomes dated. said...

Well, just so you know, I think your blog is groovy. And about my bad? I really haven't moved much past, "Well, excuuuuuse me."

Nikky said...

I always thought the whole "NOT" thing was groovy. And "sweet", too, now THAT was groovy.

I go to college with several "youngsters" and I can't keep up with their crap, I just quit trying.