Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green And Yellow Basket

Baskets work for me.

I love baskets. AND I love a great deal. I find baskets at second hand stores and dollar stores all the time. Tom says I have way too many baskets, but really, what is too many? As long as I have room to store them, it's not too many, right? As long as you can walk in the storeroom, that should be fine. If you have to turn sideways to get through there, well, that's just fine also. I NEED my many baskets. I use basket to store stuff and I use them to make up gift baskets for friends and family. Baskets are wonderful.

I have summer baskets.

And winter baskets.

I use them for parties.

And I stick flowers in them.

I put books and magazines in them.

And bath supplies.

Toilet paper.

Bubble bath, bath gel and lotion.

I put bread in them.

Even my sink strainers have their own basket.

Really, why would anyone use anything else to store stuff? Baskets are so great. Cheap and cute. What do you put in them?


Sarah said...

Adorable! I have baskets in most rooms for stray toys. Baskets make even the most unsightly clutter look presentable!

Briggie said...

great idea, so creative and much nicer that using plastic tubs!

Nikky said...

I have one in my bathroom for all the hotel shampoos and soaps that I bring home... I call it the "guest grab basket" because I hardly ever use it, but it's SO PRETTY to have there!

I don't have too many, but I really love and use the few that I have!
And I love your bread one, it is adorable!

Edna said...

toiletries, towels, extra hats & gloves, medicines, yarn, books & magazines
I love my baskets too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you do have a lot of baskets. I use mine for toys and to corral all the books next to my bed.