Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Dollar Store Is My Favorite Place To Shop. Next To Goodwill.

I LOVE the dollar store. I'm talking about places like Dollar Tree and the Dollar Zone (which does not seem to have a web site - astonishing in this web-focused world). The local Dollar Zone is my favorite. Since they have an online store and you can even purchase things in bulk on the Dollar Tree site (GREAT for teachers), I'm going to share this on the Works for Me Wednesday online store theme day.

I remember when the first dollar store opened here at the local mall and we were AMAZED that there could actually exist a place where everything in the store WAS ONLY A DOLLAR. There was a joke going around for a while about dollar stores where a person kept asking "How much is this? And that? Well, how much is this?" And the answer was always a dollar. A dollar. A dollar. EVERYTHING is a dollar.

That's not precisely true anymore, since there are some things in the store that are more than a dollar, but most are still A DOLLAR. Where else can you find SUCH A DEAL?

I am having a party at my house on Saturday. For the last few years, I have had
a Christmas cookie exchange party for my friends and family. It's a lot of fun and you end up with all kinds of goodies to take home. The last couple of years, everyone has been so booked up and busy that I decided to have a Valentine's Day cookie exchange instead. I'll blog about the party itself next week, but I wanted to share what I found at the dollar store in preparation for the party.

Why pay for expensive party supplies when you can get such cute things for only A DOLLAR?

Some people may just throw their plates and utensils on the table, but those people don't live at my house. Although this basket is not from the dollar store, it was A DOLLAR at Goodwill. So still quite a deal.

This cute wreath will welcome my guests on Saturday. Yep. A DOLLAR.

My guests will be taking home their cookies and candies in these fabulous bags. For (just in case you were not paying attention) A DOLLAR.

I have to confess these little treat cans which I'm going to fill with peanut butter fudge for my part of the cookie exchange did not come from the dollar store, but they were A DOLLAR. At Target.

So, if you are planning a party or event or even if you just like an incredible deal, check your local dollar store. And if you already have - what did you find?


Janel said...

very cute! I do love the Dollar Tree. We have one 5 minutes from our house! My kids love it too and it is a great and cheap way to reward them or distract them when needed.

Ariel L said...

Too cute!! Looks like everything's going to all decked out for your party! On your way to a good time!

Martie said...

Ooooh, I love those little tin pails. very cute! Thanks for the great suggestions.


Heart of Wisdom said...

How much did you say you paid? I don't think I caught the amount. hehe

Great bargains! When my boys do something special we reward with a dollar store trip. They love it. I get out there under $5 and they are thrilled. The same trip to ToysRUs would cost 10x that.

I forgot about the shopping theme this week. My WFMW is 16 uses for vinegar. I need a WFMW tip on keeping up themes. :)

Anonymous said...

gotta love the dollar store.

Jane said...

oooooh, i had NO IDEA that dollar tree had a website. why not, though. awesome. how exciting. i love dollar tree; it's quite superior to the other dollar stores, imho. don't even get me started on family dollar, which is neither family nor dollar, nor cool.

when we were in japan we shopped at the 100 yen store (with the falling dollar, i wonder what it would be now?). it was great there too!