Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway

What works for me is fabulous second-hand stuff. My house is full of it. Baskets, trinkets, tablecloths, silk flowers, you name it. I LOVE shopping, rooting and digging at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, garage sales and flea markets. You can find the most interesting things. Once I started selling on Ebay, Goodwill and places like it became my shopping mecca. I find all kinds of things.

But I am constantly finding just the cutest, kitschiest, darlingest things that are absolutely not right for me. I have no room, I have no desire to dust it or clean it or store it, I just quite simply don't need it. But I just know that someone out there does. Because it is SO FABULOUS.

So I am stealing an idea from Shannon over on her
Bloggy Giveaway blog and I'm going to start just GIVING STUFF AWAY. Because, you know. One man's trash is another man's cute little candle holder shaped like a daschund. Or something like that.

So, today I'm going to give away a White Elephant item to get the ball rolling and, then starting on Monday, February 11, every Monday I'm going to have something interesting to give away. Something I think is interesting anyway. Maybe you won't think it is interesting at all.

In that case, I will just take my fabulous plate with the raised image of the Statue of Liberty and keep it all to myself. My preeeecioussssss.

OK. You know I don't actually have that candle holder or plate, right? Because those were just EXAMPLES. The stuff I have is much more fabulous than that. So. I will post pictures and a description and, if you want to have the fabulousness of this item in your very own home, you will need to make a comment. You can comment on the wonderfulness that is me or you can say something like "I want that." Either is fine. Just comment.

Then I will take the three ten one hundred many, many comments and randomly choose the lucky winner. We may end up with just three comments from my family members and that's fine. Saves me shipping costs. These first few times, I will give everyone until Friday night to comment. Then I will email you for information and ship your package. If you do not have a blog link in your comment, you will need to leave an email address so I can contact you. Are you ready?

The excitement is palpable.

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway

White Elephant: Something of dubious or limited value (value being in the eye of the beholder)

Today, I have a set of darling pudding/jello/ice cream/whatever you want to put in them dishes/cups that I found. They are plastic in peach, light green, dark blue and hot pink colors. I think they look a lot like depression glass and would be just fabulous with whatever you want to put in them. If you think your kitchen will not BE COMPLETE until you own these dishes, make a comment. This could be your lucky day. Remember to check back on Monday. I have the CUTEST...well. you'll just have to wait and see.

Remember to comment if you yearn for these cups with every fiber of your being. And remember to check back on Monday. Good luck!


Edi said...

Fun idea.

I'm not interested in the cups - just wanted to comment on your idea.

There is a never ending amount of stuff that we can bring home that is "cute" and then we later regret it (well I do - or my dh does!)

Hope your dishes find a good home - I think they'd be great for feeding the kids a snack of ice-cream out on the veranda...if I had a veranda I might have to have them...but I don't so I'll pass ;)

trinity67 said...

They had something similar at the MOMA, when I was there last October. (Museum of Modern Art).

Just thought you might like to know.


Boo said...

I need them!!!! They are too cute!! Avery needs to eat ice cream from those adorable dishes!!!

Sheila said...

Those cups are so cute! I think I need them. :)

Julienne said...

OMG - I absolutely LOVE these cups. I've started turning my kitchenware into the kitchen of my dreams - a classic 50s kitchen. Of course, this means I've included things from the 40s and (my favorite time period) the 30s. These would fit in so amazingly wonderful!!!! I can just imagine my sweetie eating my no sugar chocolate mousse from those. Please pick me, pick me (insert visual of child in class bouncing in seat with hand raised high in the air)!! :-)