Friday, February 15, 2008

And Now I'm A Little Embarrassed

Did you read my blog post yesterday? Well, this was the first thing I saw yesterday morning. Mind you, this was about 5:30 A.M. He had not read my blog post yet. He fixed this up for me last night while I was sleeping so I would see it when I went in to eat breakfast.

Here. Maybe you can't see it really well.

It's a WHITMAN'S SAMPLER. Not only did he stay up later than me and fix this little tableaux so I would see it in the morning, he bought the ONE THING I SAID I WOULD LIKE.

And I UNFAIRLY said he might not even know it was Valentine's Day. He knew, baby. He knew. I think he's a keeper. Don't you?

Oh. And the name on the card? I don't have to blur it out because
that's not my name.

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Anonymous said...

Did you sign up for Haiku Friday? There is a link to you for a post in December?