Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wait. It's Valentine's Day?

Tom and I are not going to have a big Valentine's Day celebration. I'm not sure he even knows it's Valentine's Day. After 30+ years, we get more enjoyment out of playing silly tv games together than buying each other heart-shaped boxes of candy.


Maybe if it is a Whitman's Sampler, I just might accept a box. Maybe.

We have our own brand of romance. Our own kind of love. A love that is bolstered with silly nicknames and laughing out loud. The best kind of love.

So. A Whitman's sampler. And. Possibly something like this.

Could you just eat him up?

He was born in Japan with a large, clear, love-heart-shaped pattern in his coat. The Chihuahua was born in May as one of a litter to a breeder. Shop owner Emiko Sakurada said it was the first time a puppy with the marks had been born out of a thousand she had bred. She had no plans to sell the puppy, which has been named ‘Heart-kun’. The long-coated male Chihuahua puppy was born in Odate, northern Japan .


Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day baby. I love you!