Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Doctor Thinks I Have Narcolepsy

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I went to see my doctor one day during the summer when I had some sort of stomach bug and was really not in tip-top condition. I had not slept well the night before so, when the nurse left me in a hospital gown on the examination table, I pulled the thin sheet over me and curled up on the table. And promptly fell fast asleep.

I jerked awake when my doctor came in and we laughed together about my impromptu nap.

I just went to see her again the other day for my annual physical. It was the third day of school and I was sleepy and tired. Left again in a hospital gown on the examining table, I curled up, pulled up the thin sheet, nodded off and again jerked awake when she came in the room.

I explained about the exhaustion all teachers feel that first week of school and she nodded understandingly, but I assume she thought I was some kind of narcoleptic anomaly. After all, who can fall asleep in the doctor's waiting room?

Then, she asked how my periods were. I answered that I hadn't had one in quite a while since I had already gone through menopause. She looked up from her electronic clipboard at me, tipped her head to one side and said "Oh, sorry. I was thinking you were only in your 40's and were still having periods."

I sat there in my hospital gown with my eyes drooping from exhaustion, my hair ruffled and a sheet mark on my cheek from falling asleep and made a final decision.

I LOVE my doctor.

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Domestic Spaz said...

Wow, I can never relax in the doctor's office! And you can take not one, but TWO naps!

Brenda Jean said...

I've dozed off before too. I chalk it up to the quiet, which seems to be missing from most of my days. LOL I haven't hit menopause yet, but would love a compliment like that. I'm 48 and 50 is creeping on pretty dang fast!

Mama Kalila said...

One up side to falling asleep in there.. makes the waiting time less! I've done it before too...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

When I had a newborn I used to fall asleep at the doc's office every visit, if he was quiet, while we were waiting. I was often tempted to ask them to schedule me a hour before my appointment just so I could nap.