Monday, August 11, 2008

Katie Holmes Is Wearing The Gardener's Jeans

Here's what I think happened. Katie and Tom have a gardener (you just know they do). One day, the gardener spilled some sort of weedkiller on his jeans and he went in the house and the housekeeper (because you just know they have one) gave him an old pair of sweatpants to wear while she washed his jeans for him. And the jeans got folded up and placed on the dryer because the gardener forgot and left without them and then he was deported. Because he was an illegal immigrant. And I'm sure Katie and Tom had no idea about that.

So, one day Katie ran downstairs in her little black t-shirt to throw on a pair of jeans and she accidentally puts on the gardener's old jeans. Now, I know they were not an old pair of Tom's jeans because Tom is actually shorter and has narrower hips than Katie. And why he keeps getting selected as an action hero in all these movies, I can't imagine. But I digress.

And Katie liked the jeans. They were big and loose and comfortable. They were just a little too long. So she rolled them up.

Then she had to run an errand (probably to get milk for that annoying kid who is still drinking out of a bottle in every single picture) so she just threw on a jacket and wore the jeans. Forgetting that the paparazzi are like a bunch of frenzied jackals who would take a picture of a celebrity buying a gallon of milk at the corner grocery and probably get, like, two skillion dollars for the picture from some magazine.

So. Now baggy, too big, too loose jeans with the hems rolled up are suddenly the latest style.

You might just possibly think I am exaggerating and that nobody would possibly be lame enough to wear those silly too big jeans with the hems rolled up.

And I would have agreed with you.

Until we had a faculty meeting on Friday and one of the young, cute, hip teachers had on a pair just like Katie.

I tell you what.

That gardener has a lot to answer for.

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Bobbi said...

Hey - I wear jeans everyday! However, no one will ever accuse me of wearing jeans that are too baggy - the way I keep gaining weight, I have the opposite problem! LOL!!

I've already got my Try-It Tuesday post written and it's scheduled to post at midnight!

Jessica said...

I've seen the horrible pegged legged jeans that Katie has been wearing and it is killing me! Oh my word, I hope she doesn't think she is starting a retro fashion. If it does start up, I will be the first to scream and yell and boycot it. You can hold me to it!

Who's Your Audience said...

OMG it's finally happened. Those rolled-up jeans from the 80s have returned! I used to LOVE doing that because I'm only 5'1" and back then, The Gap didn't carry petites. Now that they do, I'm NOT DOING IT! I'M NOT!!

Alice said...

I wouldn't roll them up, but I'll take big and baggy if it's coming into style. Too fat for anything else!