Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fashion Domino Effect, Or Tim Gunn And I Are JUSTLIKETHIS

So. Remember the post I wrote about Katie's jeans? I am happy to report that I am on the virtual CUTTING EDGE of fashion advice, because Tim Gunn totally agrees with me. Just email me for any fashion advice. Be glad to help you out.

Now, in other fashion news.

I decided I NEED some ballet flats. I have been wearing my clogs for several years now and I am ready to make a new fashion statement. I have black, brown and navy and I wear them with cute trouser socks and switch them out with low and high boots. I love them so much that I actually went and bought the EXACT SAME clogs in the same colors at Penney's and then got rid of the used, scuffed ones. And that's kind of like buying nice new underwear because, really? Who knows? Unless you write about them on your blog. But I was a little tired of the clogs. I was ready for a change.

God knows, as evidenced by the capri story, I don't jump easily onto a trend bandwagon. Actually, I don't jump easily onto any sort of wagon, but that gets into a whole other blog post about dieting and iced cookies and, really, who wants to go there? We were talking about ballet flats. And possibly getting a little link-happy.

The truly ironic thing is that I WORE BALLET FLATS IN HIGH SCHOOL. Back in 1970ish, everyone who was ANYONE wore those Pappagallo flats with the flower on the toe.

Like these.

With plaid mini skirts and cable knit sweaters. In approximately a size 0. I spent every penny I made working in the stock room at Mason's Department Store on clothing. I had roughly 5, 491 plaid skirts. So, if only I had saved those shoes, they would totally be in style again. But, alas. Life is not that simple and we are not that insightful when we are 18. I must start again with the ballet flats.

But here's the problem. My pants all fit, length-wise, with clogs which have heels of approximately 2" - 3". These shoes are flat. Ergo, my pants will not work. And if you are wearing flat shoes and your pants are dragging on the floor? Please do not come near me unless you want to be severely ridiculed. Probably behind your back.

So. I will need new pants.

And new pants, OF COURSE, call for new tops.

And, just possibly? New underwear.

Hence, the fashion domino effect.

I have a lot of shopping to do.

And after I finished this post yesterday with that inspirational statement, I went to Payless and bought these.

In black and brown. Because they did not have navy and red and any other colors. Which I totally would have bought also. Because? They are DARLING.

Now. I just need some new pants.

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Bobbi said...

My 16 yo needs some new clothes - I may need to send her shopping with you! I break out in hives just thinking about shopping!

Jessica said...

I have those shoes, in black. They fell apart really quickly. But I loved them. I have only worn flats since I had Hoss. I had to switch to them when I was pregnant. After the second fall it was doctor's orders. Now I can't stand heels on anything.

Lynda said...

I love Tim Gunn - especially the time on his own show he told a woman her outfit looked like it came out of a "vomitorium" - hilarious!

Deodand said...

I'm in the same boat with the pant length thing. Having only recently started working in a place where I have to appear semi-neat, I was annoyed to find that I had to own certain lengths of pants for certain heel heights. I'm restricting myself to flats and 2" heels so I can keep it down to 2 sets!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i feel the same way about those flats! makes me mother made me buy them in every color...which is something she still does! i guess that's why i won't wear them to this day. well, and he fact that i'm 4'10" and too short to wear flats anyway!

so, congrats on being saucy! that's super fun! i loved it!

Aubrey said...

Cute flats! Payless has come a long way and has a great selection now. Love those!! Plus, not too hard on the pocketbook!