Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Spent My Weekend With A Gorgeous Blonde Guy At A Place By The Water. What About You?

Dahling. What a quite simply FABULOUS weekend I have had! I spent the entire weekend with this lovely, young blonde fellow. He was just marvelous company. We spent a great deal of time out by the water. We had THE most wonderful, refreshing drinks.

And the local wildlife was quite exotic.

We had the loveliest time splashing about.

But, my dear, the paparazzi! So intrusive!

We finally had to completely vacate the water.

So annoying! I know JUST how Brad and Angelina feel!

Check my Herald-Leader post today at: On The Patio At Azure


Ariel said...

That 'little blond guy' is adorable! Looks like you certainly had fun! I think he will enjoy Da Beeech!

Bobbi said...

Too cute! I love his giraffe pool!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie.........thanks for sharing. vj

Alice said...

I love backyard pools. I don't have to drive anywhere and the beers are close by.

Schmutzie said...

You're being featured on Five Star Friday:

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for my weekend with that gorgeous blonde guy! What adorable pics!
(That adorable blonde boy's other g'ma!)