Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, I went to Pensacola last week. It was fabulous. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. But I just can't believe how INCONVENIENT everything was.

I actually had to STEP OUT the door of my bedroom to really see the view. I could see it through the door. But I had to step out to really experience it. Can you believe it? STEP OUT. A whole step. What an inconvenience.

Then I actually had to WALK DOWN THE STAIRS to get to the beach. No elevator. No cabana boys to carry me as I reclined, sipping a frozen drink. Geez. SO. MUCH. WORK.

I had to cross a few yards of sand to get to the beach. A few yards. Can you believe it?

And I could actually see some people sharing our beach. I could SEE them sitting right near us. Well. Sort of near us. OK. They were not that close, but they were IN SIGHT. The nerve!


I managed to persevere. And it was all worth it. TOTALLY worth it. Just to see HIM play in the sand and dance in the waves.

I would have walked miles and miles and miles for that.

Maybe it wasn't QUITE so inconvenient after all.

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Ariel said...

Oh how tragic for you! I just don't know how you survived... and the audacity of those people sitting on your beach! But, I must agree, that watching HIM play in the sand would make everything a little easier. Glad he was with you so you could enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you guys had such a terrific time.

Bobbi said...

What?! No elevator down to the beach - the shame of it all!

Great photos!

Alice said...

Beautiful beach shots! Wish I was there.

Mama Kalila said...

Nice... I wish I had those inconveniences!