Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No, I Did Not Get That Cake In A Bakery. But I'm SO GLAD You Think So.

I had a little soiree the other night and I said I would provide the dessert so I started thinking about what I could make that would totally WOW everyone.

And I had a vision. A culinary vision, if you will. Although culinary is not really a word we throw around much at our house. At our house, it's mostly like "What's for dinner?".
"Uh. Something with chicken."
And my husband will TOTALLY recognize that conversation.

But I had a vision. A vision that included a lemon cake with homemade butter cream frosting and some sort of cherry/lemon slices flowers on the top. Once it was made (and photographed, duh), I looked at it and thought how truly fabulous it was and I wondered if anyone at the party would think I had bought it instead of making it myself.


Half the party guests thought I bought it.

Well. Look at it. Is that not TRULY FABULOUS?

I thought so.

Just in case you would like to duplicate the fabulousness, buy a lemon cake mix and frost it with this:

Butter Cream Frosting Recipe

1 lb. confectionery sugar
1/4 lb. (1/2 Cup) butter
1/8 t. salt
1 t. vanilla
3-4 T. milk
Cream 1/3 of the sugar with the butter and salt in a large bowl. Blend vanilla, 2 T. milk and remaining sugar into mixture. Gradually stir remaining milk into mixture until spreadable.
(I substituted lemon juice for some of the milk to make the icing taste like lemon.)


Bobbi said...

Looks yummy - I'm impressed! And I bet you were wearing cute shoes when you made it ...

Shirley said...

That's a great looking cake, great job!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I am humbly, duly impressed with that cake. Also thanks for helping me with the wallpaper dilemma. Important stuff.

Marie Reed said...

Dude! Lemony cake sound so delicious. I'm off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients!