Monday, July 28, 2008

I Really Don't Know If You Can Stand How COOL I Truly Am

You might think you are pretty cool. And that you are a PRETTY COOL blogger. But your coolness PALES in comparison to mine. You are like one of those teeny, tiny dorm refrigerators compared to my huge, large, put-it-in-the-garage it is so big freezer coolness. You are like...OK, I guess you get it.

Look up at my url address way up there at the top of the screen. Do you see that little shoe? Do you? That is my blogicon. And I am so very pleased with it. (it may take a minute or so to pop up)

I knew I had to have one the first time I saw one over at The Secret Is In The Sauce so I went to visit Rock Starr Mom and she made me one! Just like that! No time at all! And only $10. I think she is my new best friend.

If you want to attempt to attain my level of coolness, go visit her. And you will have one too. But you will never be as cool as me. Because. Well. That's just NOT POSSIBLE.


Ariel said...

Well isn't that just awesome!! Too neat!

sarah said...


Bobbi said...

You are too funny - you and your shoes! These blogicons are really taking off - I've noticed them on several other blogs this past week.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she should have made the little icon thingy 47,656,125 pairs of shoes instead of only ONE.


Boo said...

Too cool!!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Here's how uncool I am: what is it? I see it, and I clicked on it, but does it take a person to your homepage or what? Sorry. You're obviously not in your mid 40s like me!