Monday, July 7, 2008

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway July 7, 2008

Vicki won the little angel from last week.

Mrs. Who's White Elephant Blog Giveaway

White Elephant: Something of dubious or limited value (value being in the eye of the beholder)

For details about the FREE (Yes, FREE. No strings attached. Well. Except you do have to visit my blog.) White Elephant Blog Giveaway, just click here. Now, make a comment. You know you want to.

This is a really cute, absolutely new little pale green dressy purse for that fancy evening out you have planned. And, in a totally unrelated bit of news, didn't the shoulder strap/rope form some sort of creature picture on the table? Anyway. If you want it, make a comment.


quitecontrary1977 said...

i do! iwant it! i'm a total plaid addict!

Mindy said...

I would love that. I have SUCH a purse fetish!! LOL!