Friday, July 25, 2008

For Fun Friday - July 25, 2008

How fast can you type the alphabet? About 8 seconds was as fast as I could get.

Here's a video site, like youtube, only for teachers. There are some great teaching tools here.

If this is accurate, I wonder what cell phones are doing to your brain.

And just something to brighten your day.

Don’t kiss your honey

When your nose is runny

You may think it’s funny…

…but it’s snot.


sarah said...

WHY and I so addicted you your test games...I really think I have a competitive gene I never knew about because...I am not athletic AT ALL and therefor it has never had a chance to show it's face! On the alphabet game I got 5.89!

Ariel said...

Just let me say that curiosity killed the cat... We tried the cell phone/popcorn experiment. It didn't work. I have to wonder if the USA's safety standards are higher than Europe's.

As for your alphabet game, I got a 5.42! Thanks, that's awesome! I love all your quizes and puzzles!

Deodand said...

The cell phone popcorn thing turned out to be a hoax. These people were taping magnetrons from microwaves under the tables. It sure fooled me, though!

Boo said...

Thank goodness buuuut I never point 4 cell phones directly at my head so I'm thinking we'd we okay either way.

I got a 6 on the typing test but I KNOW I could do better!!

Scary Mommy said...

You "failed" my cuss test, and I bombed the typing one. Pathetic!!

sarah said...

I dont know how I am just noticing this, but where/how did you get the adorable shoe up on your address icon rather than the typical blogger B???

Bobbi said...

Woo woo - I did the alphabet in 5.7 seconds!