Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear Tom, (Again)

Well, I kind of forgot to remind you about Try It Tuesday yesterday (first day back to work) and I don't actually have a graphic yet, so let's plan on that for next Tuesday, OK? Do you have your post written yet on something new and fabulous you have discovered? Then you are good to sign up for Mr. Linky next Tuesday. See you then.

Oh, my dear. Have you not learned that when you SCREW UP, it's going to end up the World Wide Interweb?

Readers. Don't you agree that the person who uses the LAST Q-TIP should probably throw the box away and tell someone? Instead of leaving the empty box in the linen closet?

I knew you would agree.

Check my new Herald-Leader post today: Next I'm Going To Fix A Mess Of Collard Greens


Marie Reed said...

Yeah! I saw you on the new blog icon list! I just got one too! The shoe is too cute!