Friday, June 8, 2007

Just a Little Bit Drunk

I don't get drunk. I don't even drink, really. I have never been falling-down, puking drunk because I think it's just...well, kinda stupid. But last night I was...just a little bit drunk.

I met up with my friends for dinner on the patio at this really fabulous restaurant. It was lovely and warm with a breeze and we were all together and I LOVE them. So I decided to have a little drink. I wanted something cold and light and lemony so the waitress recommended a
lemon drop. She brought it out in this really cool, big martini like glass with a dark blue edge. It was lemony with chunks of lemon in it and the glass was sweaty it was so cold. So I took a big swig. Mmmmmm. That's so good.

So we laughed and talked and I kept taking sips of my delicious, cold and lemony lemon drop and everything was just lovely and everything was just suddenly so funny. Everything was so soooooo funny. And my eyes felt kinda funny, like bulgy and droopy and I felt a little dizzy and

I said "I think I'm a little drunk" and my friends laughed and I laughed and we all laughed and my eyes were watering so I had to find a tissue in my purse and I had a hard time and they were laughing and I said "Wasn't there a family sitting at that table a minute ago?" And they said yes, there was but they went inside because it was too hot. And then my dinner arrived.

I had a big lunch so I had ordered some fondue. Probably not the best choice when you are a little drunk. The waitress left me the cutest little box of matches and I picked them up and wondered aloud what they were for and they said it was to light my fire and we thought that was just soooooo funny. But Mary was nice enough to light the fire under my fondue so I could dip my bread and my fruit.

And so I ordered some iced tea and ate my fondue and my lemon drop was gone and the giggles gradually faded away.

But they love me so much they made sure I was OK after dinner and Maquel wanted to follow me home but they could see I was fine so we hugged and went our separate ways.

But, man that lemon drop was good.


Anonymous said...

We had so much fun last evening AND you are hilarious with this blog. Of course the responsible me wants to make sure you arrive home safely! Can’t wait for next month. Enjoy your date night!


Anonymous said...

You always were a cheap drunk...


Lucy's Mom said...

The "cheap drunk" thing is surely a gene. Dad couldn't drink, Mom can't drink, one drink and I'm under the table and you're just as bad. This is not a bad thing. Liquor is fattening!! I do love those citrusy, fruity, you can't taste the liquor, kind of drinks too, but I sure have to be careful. I can very easily make an ass of myself. Be warned!! Best place to drink those wonderful cold fruity drinks? Pool side on the ship. Then stagger back to your room and take a long nap. No driving. Just don't get too near the rail on the open deck!!

Wep said...

You did it right. The little bit drunk but still able to function in the morning is the way too go. Believe me, there is nothing to giggle about when you are wrapped around the toilet, feeling like death warmed up, and secretly thinking about how long it's been since you really scrubbed the inside of the shower.