Thursday, June 28, 2007

Step Away From The Sick Girl

I did not sleep at all last night. I know, people say that and you are thinking, oh yeah, she really dozed off and she just THINKS she was awake all night, but no, I really was awake all night. I should have just gotten up and watched some TV or done some blogging or run a Marathon but I kept thinking I would fall and I'd look at the clock and another hour had gone by and I was still wide awake. I guess I slept too much the last few days with having the creeping crud. Between the cold medicine and my body telling itself to just rest and let the antibodies do their work, I spent a lot of time sleeping. Or it may just be another lovely side-effect of menopause. I've had those sleepless nights before.

I finally gave up after Tom left for work and got up to get a few things done around the house. I puttered around, took a shower and put on make-up (isn't it weird to get cleaned up, fix your hair and put on make-up when you haven't done it for, like, four days?) and then went to meet him at the Post Office.

We went to the Post Office to apply for his passport. As you know, we are heading to Puerta Vallarta in October and passports are required now if you are leaving the United States. I already have mine since Mark and I went on our Caribbean cruise last summer and Tom elected to stay home (yes, he's crazy) so we just had to get his. I am pretty much recovered from the creeping crud but I still have a little cough. We got up to the counter with our paperwork, they took his picture and the guy recited this little oath you have to listen to (and, really, do they think a terrorist is going to say...uh, wait a minute. I can't actually get a passport because I HAVE committed one of the crimes which are listed on the back of the form. Never mind. I guess I just can't get a passport. Thanks anyway.) and then, I coughed. My cough has vastly improved from the last few days and is really just a tiny remnant of what it was.

But Tom...STEPPED AWAY. I guess he probably thought I didn't notice, but yes. I did. He casually stepped to the side, away from me. Away from my cooties.

Look, I've got news for you. My cooties have filled the house for the last few days. Between the snotty Kleenexes, the hacking, coughing, blowing, sneezing, moaning, complaining, sprawling on the bed sleeping - the cooties are everywhere. I think it's too late at this point to worry about cooties. But, you know what? I'm going to make cheeseburgers for dinner and pat out the hamburger WITHOUT EVEN WASHING MY HANDS. Hah.

OK. That's a little gross. I guess I won't do that. I guess I'll carefully wash my hands before I prepare your meal.