Thursday, June 14, 2007


Yeah. Remember the post about dealing with pain? Pain from arthritis? I mentioned it was in my hands but I didn't really talk about how it was bothering me more and more. My left hand especially. The second finger on that hand was staying swollen and it was really very painful to try to bend them enough to pick up something small, like a button. I had a prescription for Diclofenac from my family doctor, who prescribed it when I complained about my hands. But I hadn't taken it. Or at least, I just took it occasionally which is not at all what the prescription says. I just didn't think it was that bad. I just didn't think the medicine would help. I just was very hesitant about taking something I would have to take every single day for the rest of my life, something that might have some complications. So I thought my hands would be like this forever. Getting worse.

Yeah. I'm an idiot. I went to my rheumologist last week. My shoulder is much better, after a cortisone shot and regular exercise. But my hands. My hands. So, I complained about them. I told him about the medicine. About my reservations. He took my hands in his, very gently. He examined them. He bent my fingers. I grimaced. Then he very gently put them back in my lap. And he said. "You idiot". OK, he didn't really say that. He very gently suggested I take the medicine every day for one week and see if I noticed a difference. That the benefits outweighed the possible bad things. That he thought it would help. To let him know. Take them for one week.

So I have been taking them for over a week.

I am an idiot. The swelling is gone. I can bend my fingers. Without pain. Without PAIN. So I'm on my way to refill the prescription. And I will take it every day without fail. Because it helps. It really helps. And I will NEVER hesitate to try medicine again. Because the benefits DO outweigh the possible bad things.