Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Step Away from the Baked Goods

If you read the pizza snarfing post from yesterday, you already know I'm not doing too well with the diet. I have gained back a couple of pounds and am not having any luck taking any off at all. I can't imagine why. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the cake, cookies, pies, croissants and doughnuts I have been eating.

I had been doing really well at not eating this stuff. I had really been sticking to the low calorie stuff and eating lots of fruit. I'm not sure when the decline began exactly. It may have been during teacher appreciation week. We were deluged with sweet stuff and I am not one to turn down a chocolate iced brownie. Not me. Then I found myself buying stuff from the bakery section at the grocery - and eating some of it on the way home! It's not because Tom cares in the least what I eat or that he would judge me. I think it's because if I eat some on the way home, then I can eat more when I get home! And I don't just buy a couple of turnovers. Oh, no. I think, "Well, I will probably eat those turnovers tonight. So I better get some chocolate croissants for breakfast. And maybe some cookies too. I could take those in my lunch tomorrow."

And the awful thing is, this all sounds perfectly logical in my head!! So I buy it all. And I eat it all. I stopped at a new grocery store yesterday to pick up some good bread to go with the red beans and rice I was making for dinner. Of course, they have a great bakery. And I was hungry. If I could have bought, like, one cookie and eaten it in the car that might not have been too bad. But I'm thinking "Wow, they have three kinds of cookies. I really should try all three. Three of each. Nine cookies. Hmmmm...yeah, maybe I should get some of those turnovers too. 'Cause the cookies might not be enough. And maybe some..." You see? You see how it goes?

And the really funny thing is...the stuff is not all that good. The stuff I bought at the new store actually was pretty good because they do have a good bakery. But the stuff I buy at the chain grocery stores? Not really that tasty. But does that stop me? No. I keep buying. I keep eating. I can't seem to stop.

I think I have reactivated my sugar monster. I had caused it to go dormant by not feeding it but now I have reawakened the monster. I don't like this. I don't feel good when I eat all that junk. It makes me kinda bloated and faintly sick. Probably because I eat so freakin' much.

I have to stop. I HAVE to stop. Right after I finish this Frosty I got at Wendy's and probably the two leftover Krispy Kreme doughnuts I got this morning. Right after.

I mean it.


Boo said...

Clearly we're related because this post could be decribing me right now! I just can't stop! I do good for a while and then I get a taste of what I'm missing and I can't stop. But eventually I do stop, loose and few pounds and the process starts all over. At least we're aware, otherwise we'd weigh like 400 pounds!! :)

Zita said...

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