Friday, June 15, 2007

I AM That Girl

Y'all already know that Tom and I are serious TV addicts. You have heard about it here and I have mentioned it in several other posts. We are also movie addicts as I told you here and the two addictions can now easily and conveniently be combined with our couch potato, dinner on TV trays, clothed in pajamas status, since Netflix was invented and now will deliver movies and TV series to our mailbox in a virtual cornucopia of entertainment.

I LOVE that you can get TV series to watch from Netflix. I decided I wanted to catch up on "Gray's Anatomy" since Tom started watching it before I did. He does this often. And then he nags me until I watch it with him, even though I am so obviously doing something critically important to the state of the world like blogging or reading the latest best seller. And then he gets me addicted and I have to watch it with him. I think this is how cocaine dealers work also. So, I'm watching the first two seasons on DVD. And, I will just tell you. This is the ONLY way to watch TV. No commercials. No waiting to find out what happens when they leave you hanging with that last crucial scene. Did she? Will he? Oh, my God, what next? Well, let me see. Let me just click on the next episode. Ha. Now I will find out! How great is that?

Well, it's pretty damn fabulous. But I have something even more fabulous to share with you. Even more spectacular. There are REALLY OLD TV SERIES ON NETFLIX TOO! We saw the preview for the new Bruce Willis movie this weekend when we sent to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" - and, by the way? The people who say it's too long, it's too slow, it's not as good as the others - they are just simply full of crap. Disregard all their advice and go see it this weekend. It's good. But I don't have time for a movie review right now because y'all? When I saw Bruce Willis in the new "Die Hard" movie preview (and isn't that just SO COOL when he propels the car in the car like a rocket and tells the kid he did it because he was out of bullets? Is he COOL or what?) I got to thinking about "Moonlighting" and I wondered if that was available on Netflix because I would love to see that again. Bruce Willis with hair. Oh, yeah, baby. And you know what? It is. So I thought "Hmmm...I wonder what other TV shows are on there."

I'm so excited I almost can't bring myself to share this with you. Because maybe you will go to YOUR Netflix and add it to your queue and I will have to wait for it because you will take FOREVER to return it but I just had to tell someone. "That Girl" is on there.

I...almost can't believe it. I WAS "That Girl". I LOVED that show. Marlo Thomas was just so cool. I can't wait to watch them all. And "Mary Tyler Moore" is on there too. And "Bob Newhart". God, the Friday nights Tom and I sat on the couch and watched those shows when we were dating. Our Friday night had to be planned so that we would be home in time to watch them. Maybe it was Saturday. Whatever, it was the weekend. And we had to be home because VCRs had not been invented yet. That's right, kiddies, they had not even been thought of. If you missed a show, you just missed it. You didn't have it recorded on a tape. You didn't TIVO it or DVR it. You didn't go to the website and watch it. You missed it.

But now I can watch them all again. No commercials. No interruptions. Snacks and pajamas. Could life POSSIBLY get any better?

Well, maybe if someone would rub my feet while I am watching. Tom?

I just had one more thought and went to check and see if "The Monkees" was available. It IS. I LIVED to watch that show every week in high school. God, I was so in love with all of them. A different one each week. I was pretty fickle. I may have to rent those too. The series, not the guys. Although I bet Davy Jones has held up pretty well. I wouldn't mind renting him.


sarah said...

Seriously...sometimes you remind me so much of myself it is scary! You are so funny (...just like me!)I think we may have the same sort of TV addiction. Mine started when I was young, but I did have my trusty VCR. I taped EVERY episode of Friends and ER. Every one. Nick and I rolled threw the entire nine seasons of X-files (plus the movie!) and I am thinking about just starting all over! I LOVE tv shows on dvd. They complete me.

Elizabeth said...

I want to watch the MTM show too!

PS-I love your recent "I AM..." series of posts, it's a good theme to keep for a bit!
PPS-I can totally hear Sarah saying, "They complete me..." in that actress's voice from Jerry Mcquire!!!

Nikky said...

Netflix has THE MONKEES?? Oh, that's it, I am signing up for that NOW!

I saw that show in reruns with my dad when I was a tweenager, I LOVED it, and yeah, Davy Jones had a lot to do with it!

AskaLesbian said...

As a fellow tv addict, I must encourage you to get Direct TV w/Tivo. So much easier to use than a VCR. Fast forward through commercials! We cut our subscription back (just a little) in the summer, but there is so much to watch and so little time. As far as old shows, I'm fond of Green Acres, and Mr Magoo.

Best regards!