Friday, May 4, 2007

Vacation Brain

I read a blog post a while back that made me think about my vacation plans for Puerto Vallarta in October. (like I need a reminder) But I can so relate when she talked about "Marathon Brain". I TOTALLY have "Vacation Brain". I think about it all the time. When I am driving to school, it's like "At this time in so many weeks I will ordering an omelet at the buffet overlooking the ocean."

And sometimes? When I am reading aloud to my students? I will drift off into a daydream about the jacuzzi on my balcony at the resort and realize I have just read aloud 3-4 pages and have absolutely no memory of it. Hopefully, I was reading the story and not just muttering "Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi." I'll never know, since bless their little hearts, they would probably just think it's part of the story.

I'll be talking to someone and they will be talking about their lives and I'm thinking "Will you just hurry up and finish because I MUST tell you what I just found out about the shops on the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta". Or I am having lunch with some people and someone might say something like "Next fall we can do thus-and-such with the students." And instead of processing this and thinking about a plan for changing my curriculum to correlate more, I am thinking "Next fall I will be in Puerto Vallarta."

It's a little distracting. I try to turn off my brain. To put it on the back burner since, after all, that is several months away. Actually, it's about 5 months. 24 weeks. I don't know how many days. I almost counted, but then I realized I had my planner in my hand counting the time for an event that is ALMOST half a year away. And realized maybe I need to calm down a little. I'm trying. But you know how you lie awake at night sometimes thinking about things, thinking, thinking, thinking and you think "I need to stop thinking. I need to go to sleep. This is silly. GO TO SLEEP." But it doesn't work? You just keep on thinking? It's like that. Only all the time.

So, I will try. Honestly. I will. I just formulated the plan and made our reservations, so I think the concept will fade a little before it swells and gets huge again in about September. But these words are seared into my brain. Seared. Into. My brain. As we count down to the end of the school year. As we go through testing. As we deal with students who would much rather be out in the sunshine than listening to us teach. Wouldn't they be seared into yours as well?

In a lush tropical paradise, Dreams Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa is a luxury resort secluded in its own private beach cove. Luxurious accommodations include spacious ocean-view rooms and suites overlooking the hypnotic blue-green water and large private beach. Several suites and penthouses even have twin floors and private swimming pools. To unwind there are three pools, four gourmet restaurants and friendly lounges.

Three. Pools. Four. Gourmet. Restaurants. Wait. Did I say that out loud?