Monday, May 14, 2007

If They Could See Me Now

OK, so I have on my new set of light turquoise lace matching underwear (but you knew my underwear was matching today, didn't you?) because I have on a capri set that has some light turquoise trim and, even though nobody but me will know it (and Tom if he gets lucky), my underwear coordinates SO nicely with my outfit.

But I just went in the bathroom and was primping my hair in the mirror and I realized - I have on white capri pants. And I thought, I wonder if my light turquoise lace panties are showing through my white pants? So I turned around and bent over really far so I could see my bottom in the mirror and determine if my panties were showing through. (although what I could do about it at that point, I don't know.) It wasn't easy to get over far enough to see my bottom in a mirror that is actually over the sink, but, by standing on my toes and craning my neck, I managed. Then I had to reach back and stretch the material to make sure they weren't showing through. OK, I'm golden. You can't see them.

Then I straightened up, staggered and bonked my forehead on the wall.

So. Now I have matching underwear. A really cute outfit. Panties that are NOT showing through my white pants. And a bruised forehead.



Anonymous said..., if only that bruise were turquoise colored, you'd be ok, huh?

Lucy's Mom said...

I'm actually laughing out loud on this one. I can just see you with your ass in the air checking your butt. You're crazy you know.