Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I May Need An Intervention

You know how when you bid on stuff on Ebay, sometimes you get a little carried away and you think, oh, well, it's OK because I won't win everything I bid on so you just bid on everything you like even though it's just way too many things because you get just a smidge carried away and then you win everything you bid on?

No? Damn. It's just me? That is EXACTLY how I ended up with two sets of brass lamps a couple of years ago when I actually needed one set.

Anyway, I was perusing Ebay for shoes. I don't buy a lot of shoes on Ebay because I normally like to try shoes on but I have found a couple of cute pairs that worked for me. I was looking for yellow slides because, as you know if you read my blog regularly, that is the only color I really need. I couldn't find any. But I found a really cute pair of kind of gold Ann Klein slides with kind of little beads and colors on them...well, look.

Now wouldn't you buy those? Well, I did. I won the auction. They are in the mail as I write.

But in the meantime, I had also found these

really cute blue kind of suede slides with a little strap

around the toe...well, look.

You know you would have bid on them too.

Well...I won the auction on them too. And in the meantime, I have bid on two other pairs. I haven't heard yet, but I will probably win them too the way things are going. But they are really cute. And totally unlike anything I have. Honestly. One is brown with a pink bow...oh, well, look. Now could you pass these up?

Now, that should probably be enough shoes. Enough for someone in their right mind, that is.

Because I saw an ad in the paper for Payless shoes over the weekend and they had these really cute thong type sandals on sale. And, honestly, I do need some of those. HONESTLY. For the pool. And to go with my casual capris. I don't have any CASUAL shoes at all. Really casual. So I went to Payless. And I bought a pair. OK. OK, I bought two pairs. All right!! Shut up. I bought five pairs. Six. I meant to say six. But you know you would have bought these too.

And that's absolutely all the shoes I have bought lately.

Well, except for that one pair.

But they were really cheap at the

flea market. And they were so cute.

And I have NOTHING like them.

See? They are spaaaarkly. I had to have them.

So. In the past two weeks, I have bought 11 pairs of shoes. That's not so bad, right? They were on sale and the thong type sandals were really cheap at Payless and the flea market shoes were a steal. So, that's OK. Right?

Only I just realized something. Something very upsetting. Something very important. Crucial, in fact.

I still need a yellow pair.


sarah said...

Oh. My. God. That must be a record! I can't believe you bought the SIX pairs at payless! I am really proud. I would be right their with you if 1. I had the money right now (god knows I could use some new shoes) and 2. my closet wasn't the smallest room every to be classified as a sad for me.

Lucy's Mom said...

I swear the shoe thing is a gene. I buy so many that The Spouse laughs at me saying, you can't possibly wear that many pairs of shoes.....but I certainly do try. By the way, I just bought the cutest pair of yellow thong sandals! heh....


Boo said...

I. am. so. jealous. That's all there is to say...