Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Now, That's A Salad

It was teacher appreciation week last week. We got little treats and surprises and lots and lots of food. It's pretty fabulous. You already know how we feel about food in the teacher's lounge. We LOVE it. So, one day some of the parents brought lunch for us. There was fresh fruit, sandwiches, chips, lots of lovely desserts and salads. I filled a plate with salad and fresh fruit. What? I DID. The fact that I had a separate plate for my desserts is entirely irrelevant.

One of the salads looked really good, with cut up fresh apples and nuts blended together with a white, creamy substance that looked luscious. I took my first bite and - yum - that is really good! The apples, the nuts...and what is that delicious, chewy, substance? I took a few more bites and then I realized. That is a candy bar. A cut-up candy bar. Chunks of candy bar in my salad. Could anything be better? A salad with a candy bar in it. I'm still marveling over it.

I'm telling you. A candy bar. That's MY kind of salad.


sarah said...

hehehe...Boo makes this salad and EVERYONE loves it...alas, I cannot every try it due to my evil allergy to apples...*sigh*