Tuesday, May 8, 2007

That's Alright, That's OK

We just finished two weeks of testing at our school. The kids and teachers are all exhausted and on edge. We are ready for summer break, but we have four weeks to go. This week, we start working with my little "shadows", my fourth grade students who shadow the fifth graders to learn how to produce the morning show so they will know what to do next year. Instead of working with a group of 15 kids, I'll have 30. As soon as the morning show is over, I have to dash across the hall to the library media center because I also have a book fair starting this week. I have several appointments after school and this weekend is packed with Tom's birthday and Mother's Day celebrations. I'll be overwhelmed this week. It will be crazy. But that's alright, that's OK. Because we got to keep Wes this weekend.

And he chased bubbles. And laughed. And that will get me through the week.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Wes picture. I have been so lonesome - it's great to have an update!