Friday, May 25, 2007

Clown College

I was perfectly groomed yesterday. But you knew that, didn't you? However, I did have some issues.

I had on my great looking, cocoa brown capri pants. Only, I forgot that I bought them last year when I was having sort of a fat summer. So, they are too big. They were hanging on my hips and I had to keep jerking them up.

I had on a matching shrimp and cocoa brown silky top. Only, I wore it the other day and it must have stretched a little because the v-neck was showing a good portion of my boobs. So, I kept straightening it so it would cover them.

I had on really cute cocoa brown slides and shrimp colored hoop earrings. I looked pretty good.

Then, after I spent the day broiling with no air conditioning yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a massage. This was wonderful. Only my feet were sort of slippery from the lotion, even after I wiped them off. So, they were slip sliding around in my sandals. And I kept lurching to the side as my feet slid sideways.

So, picture it. With one hand, I am jerking up my pants so they don't fall down. With the other, I am adjusting my top so my boobs don't pop out. Then, as I try to walk, I am lurching to the side occasionally as my feet slide around my shoes.

This is quite a lovely, sophisticated image, isn't it? I think maybe I need to go to clown college.

And then join the circus.


Lucy's Mom said...

You make me laugh out loud. I can just see you.....

Nikky said...

oohh, I am sorry. Sorry you had to deal with all that, and SO sorry that I spit out my diet pepsi when I read "only my feet were sort of slippery from the lotion"... I suddenly got a perfect mental pic of this and spewed my soda on my keyboard.

Mrs. Who said...

It is very important to have lofty goals in your life. One of mine is to make people spew out their drinks from the ensuing hilarity as they read my blog. Thanks for helping me to achieve one of my goals.