Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cars Will Fly

And we will all have jet packs and everyone will wear those shiny silver jumpsuit things that are skintight. What, everyone in the future is skinny? Apparently.

In the meantime I just found out that that Netflix has movies you can actually watch on the computer. I know, I know, this has been in the realm of possibilities for quite a while, I just didn't realize that my Netflix membership included this ability. If you go to the Netflix site and click on "Watch Now" you can TOTALLY watch movies. On your computer. Dude. No waiting. No adding them to your Queue (and I SO had to look up how to spell that) or, as my son-in-law called it, to our endless delight, your Kwee.

In reality, most of the movies are kinda old and kinda...lame. But I'm hoping that they will eventually offer all their movies this way. Maybe it's a copyright issue at this point.

I know this will work for us because last night? When we realized that we did not have the last episode of "Lost" on our DVR because (Tom erased it by accident) the DVR made a mistake, after crying and moaning in agony that we might possibly miss a TV show and life as we know it would come to a screeching halt, Tom found it on the network website, hooked up our laptop to the TV and we WATCHED THE SHOW ON OUR COMPUTER HOOKED TO THE TV. We are such technology wizards.

OK, Tom is a wizard and I'm a wizard-in-training.

But I did tell him after several minutes of fiddling with the audio that maybe the sound just needed to be turned up and, after sighing loudly, he turned up the sound and it worked.

So I'm getting out my jet pack. Or maybe I'll just get in my flying car. 'Cause, apparently? The future is now.


sarah said...

ahh...the kwee...love that story! I am also amazed with the Netflix on the computer. I hadn't checked it out yet, but had heard about it. AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

He is sooo kweet.