Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coordinating Your Bath Gel And Lotion. Or, Being Just A Little Too Anal

I don't use bath soap. Ever. And before you back away, shaking your head to rid your nose of the odor of an unwashed body (and really? Do you READ my blog? Do you think a person who wears matching underwear and has innumerable shoes is gonna be stinky?), I don't use bath soap because I switched to bath gel years ago. I use the Bath and Body Works bath gel and lotion. And that is not a paid endorsement. Although it TOTALLY could be. I would be completely open to getting some free bath gel and lotion from Bath and Body Works in exchange for endorsing their products. Is anyone listening? Oh, well, it was worth a try. Because I do love me some good smelling bath gel and lotion.

But here's the problem. Does anyone else find this to be true? The lotion always runs out before the bath gel. I finally got smart and started buying TWO bottles of lotion for every bottle of bath gel, but I STILL end up with a couple of inches of bath gel in the bottle. Then I have to buy more lotion and I end up with more lotion than bath gel. What a quandary. Maybe it's because I slather lotion over every inch of my body, but I HAVE to. Otherwise I am dry and flaky. And it is not a pleasant experience to be scratching your boobs because they are so itchy when you are trying to teach a class of elementary students. So, the problem.

This morning, I looked at the bottles of bath gel and the bottles of lotion and realized I have several that don't even match up. So, I decided to make a bold move. A move that I am sure will land me in some kind of hall of fame for those bold and brave enough to make a major change in their bathtime ritual. I used bath gel and lotion THAT DID NOT MATCH. I know you are shaking your head in disbelief. I know. And I am just a little bit concerned that someone might report me to the bath gel and lotion police. Or at least to Bath and Body Works (did you notice how I got their name in this post twice? Surely that is worth some free products?) for mixing products. I couldn't match, but I at least tried to COORDINATE. I have on Warm Vanilla Sugar bath gel and Wild Cherry lotion. Sort of like a piece of candy you might find in a Whitman's Sampler. (More product placement. Ooooooo....Whitman's Samplers...).

So, I smell good. Good and sweet. Actually, sweet enough to eat if you consider the above titles. I may not match. But I smell good. And maybe those damn bottles will empty out at the same time. I'll keep you updated.

I'm golden. A kindergarten student just told me I smelled good.


Elizabeth said...

Yes I've done that too, it feels a little taboo.
Vanilla goes with everything though. Try coconut and pumpkin;)

Kountry Mama said...

I think you probably smell like Cherry Pie. Mixing your bath gel and lotion could be fun, like mixing Jelly Bellies and getting a new flavor.

Lucy's Mom said...

I, too, mix flavors since the lotion ALWAYS runs out first. But what did you expect? I wear underwear that doesn't match!!

Nikky said...

See, I always run out of bath gel before the lotion, and yes, I coordinate mine at B&B works, too!

I'm UBER-Pissed since they discontinued my fav scent though,
Plumeria... I have a stash of shower gel though, but it won't last forever!
Mixing scent can be interesting and fun though, and obviously, it worked out well for you!

Ortizzle said...

My bath gel always runs out before the lotion. But I use bath gel and lotion that match my perfume (well, O.K., cologne) because they have these specials where those two items are thrown in at a bargain price, but fairly small tubes of them. In any case, I decided a long time ago not to use the lotion because anything with a scent is drying for the skin. I just settle for the scented gel and then slather on the Cetaphil afterwards. Boring.

Barbara said...

You remind me so much of myself. I buy extra lotion as well and don't mix scents. I can't believe you had the currage to mix them together. Brave woman, you!

Deodand said...

OK the bath-gel-first people need to match up with the lotion-first people and start a swap. You're a teacher, you could get this thing organized right? ;)

Anonymous said...

you probably need so much lotion bc their body washes contain those harsh detergents.. I'd say use a nice bar soap that doesnt have that and stay with your nice smelling lotions. you'll still smell nice and probably need less lotion. :)