Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Magic Of Publication

What do you think of my face lift? No, not THAT face lift, silly (I wish!), my blog face lift!! Isn't Liz just so, so fabulously talented? She laughed hysterically when she found out I had created my other header in Microsoft Paint. What? It's the only graphic design program I know. Although, I'm not sure you could actually categorize it as a graphic design program. More a program for incompetent graphic designers. Anyway, she was happy to redesign my blog and I LOVE it. She is going to create blog templates as a sideline so, as soon as she has some samples, I'll link to her site.

OK, you remember the blog post I wrote about forgetting approximately four skillion times to Insert/Hyperlink instead of Copying/Pasting into Microsoft Outlook 2007? Well, that is no longer an issue. Every time I go to send an email now (approximately four skillion and six times a day), I remember to insert/hyperlink. I am so proud of myself. ALMOST as proud as the time I was voted the neatest girl in 8th grade, but not quite. And don't you love the way I got that proud, proud moment from my childhood into two posts? I'm not quite sure what that says about my accomplishments as an adult. And I'm not going to dwell on it.

Anyway. I don't forget to do that now. So, that got me to thinking. And I thought, maybe it's because I blogged about it. Actually published the fact that I couldn't remember. And now every time, I do it, I think about that blog and chuckle a little. Yes, I AM easily amused. So, I thought, what if I just blog about everything I want to happen and it will just magically happen!! How fabulous would that be? So, forthwith, the things I am going to post about today that are now going to magically happen.

1. I lost 40 pounds. I was going to say 30, but, really, why skimp? 40 would get me back to what I weighed when I was about 35 so that would be even better. And it was effortless. Easy. The pounds JUST FELL OFF.

2. My hair went blonde NATURALLY. And had these great, light colored streaks that look like I spend all my time in Tahiti. I never had to pay to color my hair again. Oh, and it never grew either. Stayed the perfect style all the time. And I had a great hair day EVERY DAY.

3. I got a maid service and never clean my house any more. And, because they think I am just a fabulous person and they like me SO MUCH, they don't charge me. It's all free. They even do all my laundry.

4. They changed my hours at school because they know it's so hard to get up that early. Now, I come in around 10 or so. Whenever I wake up. It's all cool. They just wait for me. Everyone is happy to do it.

5. We have a personal chef who cooks for us several times a week. He prepares wonderful food, beautifully prepared but also healthy for us. And he also likes me SO MUCH, that he does it all for free.

6. My memory is magically restored and I can remember everything. Where I left my glasses! The name of every kid at my school! My childhood! The name of that shop in Alaska where I saw that hot pink leather jacket I totally should have bought. And they send it to me when they see this in my blog. And it's free. Because, you know. They like me.

7. When I started this list, I thought I would make it consist of 10 items. And now I can't think of anything else to list. Anything else I want to happen. Everything else I would ever want, I already have in my life.

And that makes me feel pretty darn good. And now that's published. So, it must be true.


charing said...

I love the new look!

sarah said...

I LOVE the new template!! Seriously, PERFECT!!!! I will have to read the rest of the post later, because, man i am late for work, but had to tell you it is AWESOME!!!

PS...I think I told you to use paint brush....SHAME.

LizzyBee said...

It looks great Mom!

Can't take all the credit, I just set up the artwork at the top, Mom actually inserted it in the html, and manipulated the template all by her lonesome!

Lucy's Mom said...

Love the new template! It's really gorgeous and fits you perfectly. Yes, Liz is a very, very talented lady. She's helping me now! One of these days, I, too, will have a cool looking blog like you.

Barbara said...

Great new look! If things come true because you write in a blog about it, let me know. I'll find time to blog about winning the lottery, fabulous cruises, and much more!

Boo said...

Love the new template! It looks great!!!

Ortizzle said...

Fabulous face lift!!

Fancy said...

I really liked the old, But I LOVE the new!!