Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Like A Pair Of Old Blue Jeans

Today is the first day of school AND my 30th wedding anniversary. Needless to say, we won't be indulging in a wild, drunken celebration this evening. Like we TOTALLY do that all the time. (She snorts with laughter, possibly snorting a little Caffeine-Free Diet Mountain Dew out her nose.) I'll probably collapse on the couch when I get home and maybe manage to summon enough energy to, just possibly, pick up the phone and order some dinner. Then we will probably watch us some Stargate. Another exciting evening at the home of Mrs. Who.

30 years. Wow. That's a lot of time. And it has FLOWN by. It really has. Life has a way of doing that. Just flying by so fast. Sometimes you wish it would slow down for just a moment, so you can enjoy and just relish that special moment a little longer. But there's always another one of those coming along if you are patient.

I have done some thinking about marriage with the arrival of this 30th anniversary. And here's what I have decided.

Marriage is like a pair of blue jeans. Bear with me.

When we were first married, marriage was like a brand new pair of jeans. Kinda stiff, kinda uncomfortable, kinda...annoying. They didn't fit quite right yet. We had to bend and stretch and wash them hundreds of times and wear them and train them to fit our butts just right. But now they do. They fit just right. Just perfect. I would not want a new pair of jeans. I love my jeans. They are, quite simply, the best pair of jeans I have ever had.

And I think I'll wear them for another 30 years.

Happy Anniversary, Baby. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to you too baby!

I'm ready for 30 more. Howzabout you?

K.R. (let's see if you can figure this out)


Elizabeth said...

Happy Anniversary M&D!
Glad the pair of jeans fits so well, hopefully Cory and my pants fit so good in 30 years too.
:) Liz

Ortizzle said...

I like the jeans metaphor. I hope my jeans fit that well in a few decades, too (I got a late start!).

Jhianna said...

Happy anniversary!