Monday, August 20, 2007

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! (With apologies to Sally Field.)

Well...well...picture me blushing here. The folks over at So Many Blogs, So Little Time just gave the nicest, kindest review of my blog. They are the second reviewers to grade me down on my template, so I guess I'll have to get that certain graphic artist in the family (I'm talking to you, Liz!) to design me a fab new template. Keep checking for updates.

In other news...I just had the greatest weekend! No, it wasn't jam-packed with activities and outings and parties and orgies. Oh, sorry, that just slipped in. Not that I have ever been to an orgy. But you are wondering now, aren't you? Good. I have to have SOME secrets on this blog.

Anyway, I had a great weekend because I did...NOTHING. NOTHING. Well, that's not strictly true since all the regular, fun stuff that makes my life worth living EVERY SINGLE DAY still had to be done, like cooking and cleaning and laundry. But I did not have to leave the house. I slept late, stayed in pajamas until late (afternoon) morning, got some reading done and just geared...back...mentally. It was lovely. And I needed it after that first week of school.

One would think that working with elementary school age children would be a breeze. Especially in the library. Reading to them. Checking out books. How hard can it be? The other school librarians out there are nodding their heads knowingly. It's just...hard. It's wonderful every day and I love my job, but it's...hard. It's hard to have a kindergarten class walk out the door and a fifth grade class walk in and have to change your entire way of teaching and talking. It's hard to help a teacher find materials, help a kid find a book they will love, work on the school web pages, help another kid, teach a class, shelve some books, work on a literacy bulletin board, print out a brochure you have created for a program, teach a class, work with a group of kids who are doing research on the Internet, help a teacher choose a DVD, teach a get the idea. By the time I get home in the afternoon, I am ready for a nap. One of my fellow librarians told me the other day she fell asleep sitting up her couch at 4:45 in the afternoon and didn't wake up until 7:00.

I'm not saying that ever happens to me. Or that I wake up with a crick in my neck and drool on the couch pillow. That almost never happens.


the purple chai said...

I don't know how it is where you are, but in my school/district, there's this weird sense that librarians don't actually do anything. This is because a) no one ever watches to see what we're doing, and b) a couple of mean-spirited, jealous bigmouths over the years have shared this view with anyone who'll listen. But as you say, they have no idea.

Boo said...

I'm right there with ya! Those kids wear you out!!

sarah said...

Congrats on the great review!

Ortizzle said...

I hear ya, dear: Five classes, advisory, after school club, department meetings, curriculum mapping, virtual blackboard, grading papers, getting out the syllabus, etc., for the five classes, grading papers, parents night, chaperoning freshman dance, writing letters of recommendation, principal's advisory committee meetings, tutorials, preparing for National Spanish Exam, giving make-up tests, sending emails to parents, counseling the lovelorn, giving infractions for... you name it!

And lest I forget, 6 hours a week of graduate school. Plus the accompanying homework, research, reading, and papers to write.

Did I leave anything out? Frankly, a whole lot.

Just wanted you to know you are not alone. And from one who understands all too well: thank you for all you do! Because I know how much that really is. And because I rely on you to create good readers and book lovers.