Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What A Handy Thing To Take On A Picnic!

So, I was driving home from school the other afternoon and I saw this guy peeing by the side of the road. Just standing there, peeing against a tree. I was appalled. I just couldn't believe it. It wasn't like he had even stepped into the trees. He was just standing there by the side of the road, facing into the trees. Peeing.

And you know how those thoughts go whizzing through your brain at like ten million miles an hour, one right after the other?

Well, that's just...rude.

I can't believe it.

Right by the road.

Anyone could see him.


Oooooh, I can't believe it.


What...is that?

Wait a minute.

I could have sworn that branch was a...

Heh. That's a bush.

Looked JUST like a guy standing there.

Oh. Never mind.


sarah said...

Ah, I do this stuff all the time! Welcome to my world!

Ortizzle said...

What I wanna know is... how did the bush pee?!!