Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lights, Camera, SHUT UP!

Thoughts after going to the movies...

1. They tell you way too much in movie previews now. Even the ending. Isn't that just SO annoying?

2. But I still LOVE previews. I could watch a dozen of them.

3. People talk too much in the movies. And too loud. I blame watching movies at home for this. They forget they are not in their own living room. I could remind them if I had, like, a little, mini cattle prod. I wouldn't hurt them. It would be just a LITTLE shock.

4. They should have a cell phone detector installed in the entryway and take away all the cell phones. Because people still let them ring. And some ANSWER them.

5. Most people who are writing movies now are big ole copycats. There are so many fabulous books out there - how come they don't make movies out of those?

6. On the other hand, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie.

7. Movie makers think the general public is pretty much a bunch of dummies. We are not that dumb. We are actually pretty smart.

8. Why are snacks at the movies so exorbitantly expensive? You can get a full meal at a restaurant for what you will pay for popcorn, candy and a drink. OK, maybe a meal at McDonald's. But still.

9. Children who kick the back of your seat continuously should be removed from the theatre. And the parent who lets them do it should have someone kick them in the butt.

10. Parents who take children to inappropriate movies which are too mature for them should also get a kick in the butt. OK, maybe not a kick in the butt. They should just all be removed. Everyone who bothers me. And only I get to decide who that might be.

11. They never put enough ice in your iced tea at a restaurant. Not actually about going to the movies, but it annoys me. And this is my blog.


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