Monday, September 22, 2008

Imagine My Horror

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I have been looking for a dress to wear to a wedding. Even though I have managed to find several very cute dresses this summer, contrary to the way dress fashion normally strikes, which is with extremely UGLY dresses, I am struggling to find just the right dress.

It has to be attractive, it has to be reasonably priced and it should be royal blue. The royal blue part is where the difficulty is coming in. It is for my sister's wedding and, if I can't find the perfect royal blue dress, I'm sure she will be fine if I wear another color of blue or even black, as my loyal sister-in-law has suggested. Actually, I think my sister-in-law is waiting until I wear myself down to a shopping frazzle and call her to say "Hey, I have a GREAT idea! Let's both wear black!" and then she will laugh an evil laugh. At my expense.

I had the absolutely FABULOUS idea of having a dress made. I had a vision. A vision of a sheath style dress with wide straps which would be royal blue with white trim and would fit and hang beautifully. And it would have a matching jacket for those cool California evenings. It was the perfect ensemble and it lived in my head quite contentedly until the dressmaker told me she could easily make it - for $350 to $400. The vision popped out of existence in that moment.

Then I went to the mall. I actually found a royal blue and white sundress which will do in a pinch, but it is not QUITE PERFECT. I bought it as a back-up though. Just in case. Because I have learned it pays to have a back-up in the world of fashion. And shopping. So, I have been shopping online and I plan to check out some of the wedding stores next week.

But here's the actual point of my post. What? I have to have some lead-in, don't I? When I was still ensnared by the dressmaking vision, I was looking at patterns to get ideas and I found this one.

My faithful readers. It is a jumpsuit. And to my increasing horror? They are actually back in style now.

And I had a flashback to 1970. Not an acid flashback. I was a FLAG TWIRLER, for God's sake. I was 17 and taking sewing in home economics. We had to choose something to make and I had chosen a jumpsuit in a cream and green stripe. Because I was fashion-impaired. No. They were really in style. It looked so lovely on the cover of the pattern. Truly, it did. Like this. Only in stripes.

Perhaps you are idly wondering why IN GOD'S NAME we would wear something like that? Ahem. This is the same group of people who wore these. Oh, indeed. I had several pairs of hot pants.

And I might just possibly have worn my hot pants with these. Oh, YES I DID.

So you can see that I was absolutely at the HEIGHT of fashion when I made my jumpsuit. And actually wore it. With my go-go boots. And my straight, ironed hair. No, flat irons had not been invented then. We used an ACTUAL iron.


If only I still had that jumpsuit. And it had been royal blue. I bet I could totally have it altered for the wedding so it would fit again.

For approximately $350 - $400.

I guess I'll go back to shopping now.

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Bobbi said...

Okay, you've officially given me an anxiety attack! I hate shopping, and I especially hate shopping for clothes - but I'm going to have to do it in 2009 because I have not one, but two daughters getting married! Pray for me ...

Lynda said...

Jumpsuits? Yikes!

Nance said...

Did you ever put your hair up in juice cans instead of rollers? And wear the huge round sunglasses with the pop-out, interchangeable colored lenses?

Geeze, you're like an extra from the Austin Powers movies, you know.

Wep said...

LOVE the boots. They should SO come back in style. Not the hot pants though. Anything but the hot pants.