Monday, September 29, 2008

Going All The Way With Green

You know I have become a little more "green" conscious lately. I've been buying green cleaners and using canvas shopping bags. If I could just cut back on the amount of product I use on my hair and face, landfills would be approximately 32% smaller.

OK. Not really. But somewhat smaller.

So when I was given the opportunity to review a site about eco-friendly books that you actually read ELECTRONICALLY so you don't pollute the environment, I was interested. My first thought was that they would not have any books that I would be interested in and my second thought was AUGH not hold a book in my HANDS - how will I stand it? But when I went to EcoBrain - Green Books for Green Living, I found I was wrong about the books. And maybe I can get used to reading a book on my laptop, if it means the earth will still be around when my grandson is grown.

I went to the site to check it out and found several different categories of books, including 171 books for kids. I skimmed through all 171 reviews and was astonished at the variety of books they had for kids. At first I thought it was all non-fiction and was interested in titles like Seahorses, Mysteries of the Oceans and Tyrannosaurids - Tyrannosaurus in Focus, which all my students would LOVE, but then I found Hoot, by Carl Hiassen. This is a Newbery medal winner that has been made into a movie and is constantly checked out in my library because it is such a wonderful story. It's only $8.06 to get the electronic copy. And think how kids would love reading this on the computer! Next, I realized I will have to share this site with my teachers because they offer lots of teaching guides, specifically guides for many of the Magic School House books, which all my students love.

There are categories such as The Environment, Sustainable Living and even Cooking, so I think everyone could find something in which they are interested.

The electronic format, or eBook format is the greenest, most eco-friendly way to read a book today. eBooks have zero impact on old growth forests and use very little energy to produce and distribute. Plus they take up no room on your crowded bookshelf!

Did you know that it takes 60-watt hours of energy to produce ONE sheet of paper? Did you know that it takes 24 trees to make ONE ton of paper? Yeah. Me either. But after visiting Alaska and seeing acres of thick, gorgeous forest land, I don't have much interest in cutting down all those trees.

As a librarian, my first choice for reading a book is checking one out from the library that many different people can use. But the idea of reading a book that has not caused one single tree to be cut down is certainly appealing.

So, see what you think. Check out EcoBrain - Green Books for Green Living. If you are interested, make a comment below. They have given me a free book to give away to one of my readers. The book is Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth. Check it out, make a comment and I'll choose a winner one week from today. Now, if you haven't already started, how about starting to live green?

Just cut back a little on those hair products.

Like me.


Wep said...

I love the premise of e-Books, and when I am doing schoolwork I no longer print ANYTHING. I read the PDFs right on my computer.

But there is something romantic about holding a book, cuddling up in a blanket and slipping into another world.

Lucy's Mom said...

You need a Kindle or similar. It's an electronic book, size of a paperback and it holds about 200 books. You can slip it in your purse, carry it around with you and cuddle up and read whenever and wherever. Much better than reading on your laptop. Books are downloaded in a "micro second" almost anywhere and anytime with the same technology that let's us use our cell phones. Buy the book on Amazon and a minute or two later you have the book in your hand on your electronic Kindle. If you have bars on your cellphone, you can download a book to your Kindle. Fast, easy and books are VERY cheap. Go to and explore. You'll like it. I LOVE mine and use it to read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. etc. VERY green.

Anonymous said...

I checked out EcoBrain and the great thing about their books is that they don't require a Kindle or other specialized hardware. Most files are PDFs and you simply read them on whatever you are already using. So save money, and one less purchase that will ultimately have to be recycled.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

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