Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Then It Hit The Fan

We sleep with a fan running. We can't sleep without it. If the power goes out and the fan turns off, we wake up immediately. The silence is deafening. It's quite an addiction. And a rather annoying one when it comes to travel. Where we go, our fan goes.

I'll never forget the first major trip we took to Pensacola when our daughter was a baby. We actually took our large, box fan on the plane with us. It came sliding around the luggage carousel with our luggage and we got some rather strange looks. We would never be able to take something like that on a plane nowadays. Considering you can't take a large bottle of lotion on a plane, I don't think they would be receptive to a rather large fan. So we have learned to take a small travel fan with us. Not quite as loud, but acceptable. We manage to sleep.

A fan is one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband. When I first stepped into the bedroom in his apartment, I saw an INCREDIBLY tacky Chinese lantern hanging from the ceiling light, a fraternity paddle hanging on the wall, and...a fan. He slept with a fan.

So did I.

I forgave him for the Chinese lantern.

And our future together was set to the sound of those whirring blades.


Lizzybee said...

We all sleep with a fan at our house too!

My co-workers totally made fun of me the first time we went out of town for a business meeting. I had to bring the "big suitcase" so I could fit my fan in there too.

Lynda said...

Gotta love the fan. You're right - when they're off, it's too quiet.

Lucy's Mom said...

We too love the hum of our whirring fan. Not to mention the coolness of the circulating air. Gotta have my fan!

Gary LaPointe said...

I like a fan too. I actually use an air purifying machine which makes enough noise and circulates the air.

When I travel I crank the A/C up and turn on my sound machine that just generates some white noise for me.