Monday, September 8, 2008

"Toga, Toga!"

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I was reading a post the other day at Apathy Lounge and she talked about how the movie "Animal House" is now 30 years old. 30 YEARS OLD. Man. It seems like just yesterday we saw that movie for the first time. And concluded that it was, in actuality, a true-life documentary of my husband's fraternity. No. Seriously.

The first time I saw his fraternity was on the day I moved into the freshman dorm. There was this group of guys up on the flat roof of the building and with them, they had an old toilet. Filled with ice and beer. And I thought "Hmm, CLASSY."

The first time I entered his fraternity, there was a loud party going on (well, there was actually a loud party going on there every night) someone threw a beer bottle in my general direction and it shattered on the wall above my head.

I immediately exited and didn't return until much later when he and I had met on a blind date and were dating. We never actually spent much time there because, by that time, we were both living off campus and working and neither of us had much desire to have beer bottles thrown at our heads. But I have heard the stories.

They used to have cockroach races. Seriously. And my husband's cockroach was named "Wolf Cookie". God alone knows why. The place was filthy beyond measure, the guys were always at least half-drunk and you could pretty much count on someone getting very friendly together somewhere. At any given time.

My husband sighs wistfully when he talks about those days in his very own "Animal House". And I would be rather disbelieving that he ever actually belonged in a place like that. Except for one very important fact.

One morning, well before I ever met him, I picked up the school newspaper and on the cover was a photograph of two guys on a motorcycle speeding across campus. Stark naked. The headline read "Two sped nakedly through campus".

The two guys were a crazy blonde guy we both knew. And my husband.


aclaypot4him said... again...some thirty years later. :O)

Anonymous said...

Ahh...yes. As I recall there were mass quantities of alcohol consumed that evening. At least we were original. Everyone else was just running across campus as they were streaking!

And I'll never forget when we ran into a tree and killed the engine on the motorcycle. He kept trying to restart the bike while the unruly croud was rushing us.



Bobbi said...

Great post! My only experience with fraternity life is what I've seen in movies, and Animal House ranks right up there at the top.

Hey, when are we going to get to see this pix of hubby?!!! Photos, photos, we want photos!

Ariel said...

Too funny! Lovely to drudge up old memories like that! Good times!

Lynda said...

Yikes! It is hard to imagine it was THAT long ago!

Punk Rock Mom said...

We are trying to keep the animal house movie alive in our house. Check out my kids COLLEGE shirt...

Andrea said...

Wow 30 years!?!?!?!?! I remember watching Animal House over and over while pledging for my sorority. Though I'm not really sure why seeing as my sorority never did anything anywhere near risque'!

Wolf Cookie? I LOVE IT! I am now on a quest to find something, ANYTHING to name Wolf Cookie II ;)