Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lions And Tigers And Bears...And DINOSAURS? Oh, My.

Here are my suggestions for the perfect TV show:

1. A heroic guy who is cute and sexy and looks especially nice with his shirt off. Extra points if he can kick some ass.

2. A sidekick hero who is either a. also cute, sexy and looks good in a shirt OR b. a wise-cracking smart-aleck. Both would be nice.

3. A heroine who is pretty but not beautiful, quirky in some way and is completely opposed to the hero doing whatever it is he is supposed to do.

4. A few other characters, all of whom are interesting or funny or sexy or a lovely combination of all three.

5. A star-crossed lover situation of some sort. Misunderstandings abound. The sexual magnetism is palpable.

6. Good special effects.

7. Good writing. Good stories. Characters you really care about.

6. Some element of the supernatural. Vampires. Witches. Time travel. Magic. Dinosaurs....wait. Dinosaurs?

Uh huh. And if you like all the above? You should be watching Primeval. And thanks to Bobbi for telling me about this series because she always seems to have her finger on the pulse of the supernatural. If it has a pulse. And if it doesn't? All the better.

Primeval is on the BBC America channel (and don't ask me what that number is because I haven't a clue. We watch virtually everything on DVR and Tom programs that and I don't care that the feminists would have my head on a PLATTER, I could not use that remote no matter how many new shoes you bought me. It has a TOUCH SCREEN, y'all.) and it is GOOD. It's about these scientists who have discovered some anomalies which are these swirly light dealios which are actually portals into the past. Or the future as we soon find out.

It has great characters, excellent acting, fabulous stories, marvelous special effects and...uh...I'm running out of adjectives...ah!...heart-wrenching romances.
Dinosaurs and other interesting critters are finding their way through these portals into our time and wreaking all manner of havoc. The hero (cute, sexy, uh huh) is the scientist who is recruited to figure it all out and I don't want to spoil anything for you but the disappearance of his wife a few years ago is a key factor in the story.

I just found out recently that, although we are watching Season 1, Season 1 and 2 have actually already been shown in England. We are two seasons behind! Those crazy Brits. The good news is, Season 1 and Season 2 are already on DVD and will be released November 4. The EVEN BETTER news is that the DVD is on Netflix. But not until November. By then, we may have already watched both seasons because the bad news is that each season only had six episodes. But more good news! They are making Season 3 AS I WRITE. And there will be ten episodes in Season 3.

So, I'm telling you. You NEED to watch this show. Dinosaurs, y'all. And sexual magnetism. What MORE could you ask?

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Bobbi said...

The BBC rocks! I'm so glad you like this show - it hooked me from the first episode.

Conner and Abby add the comedic moments in every episode - they remind me of Gilligan and the Skipper!

Lynda said...

I am going to have to check this out - thanks!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I saw the promos for this recently. It did look pretty interesting. Is it the one where one character says something like "well, looks like everything's back to normal" and then a dinosaur eats his head? :)

I have to admit that I am a WIMP when it comes to something-bad-might-jump-out-at-any-moment shows. I tend to hide in the kitchen. Might have to try it though.

Melissa B. said...

The Brits always have the BEST television. And then we copy them, right? Except for Grey's Anatomy. That wasn't a BBC show first, was it?

Sarah C. said...

Okay, you've reeled me in. I'm going to Netflix.

Gary LaPointe said...

Okay, I believed you!! It's great so far; after a mini-marathon I'm now ready for season 3!!! The UK has been great for sci-fi stuff lately...

Personally, I didn't like the changes they made between seasons 1 and 2 but shows from the UK seem to mix it up a bit between the seasons. It's just that the changes seemed so unnecessary. I'm intentionally being vague for those who didn't get that far yet...

It's a very Torchwood-type series, just take out the aliens and add time travel.