Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Try It Tuesday: Honey Maid Delight Bars

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I am always looking for little cookies or candies that are low in calories but also delicious. This combination is difficult to find, but I managed when I stumbled on these Honey Maid Delight Bars at the grocery the other day.

They come in Cheesecake and Chocolate and I really thought I would prefer the chocolate because..well...who doesn't? But the chocolate was not really that flavorful. The cheesecake is definitely the better of the two. The cheesecake was creamy and really tasted like cheesecake. The chocolate just could not compare. Each bar is individually wrapped and is only 100 calories, so if you can eat just one, that's not bad. If you eat more than that, it's not so good. So eat only one.

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Bobbi said...

Jan, you will be so proud of me! Heheh, I've highlighted a pair of shoes for Try-It Tuesday!

Natalie said...

I might have to try these for mine and my husbands lunches. They sound really good.

Summer Saldana said...

sounds soooo yummy!