Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Wedding Is At 4:00. Uh. I Mean 4:15. Or Maybe 4:30.

The wedding day dawned bright and clear and warm but who cares about that - we needed to get to IHOP to pick up our breakfast order. My family has their priorities in order. And food is number one. We started making plans for this breakfast while we were still eating our first breakfast at IHOP the day before because, to a Southerner, the planning of the next meal is vitally important. So we instantly came up with our orders and mine was chocolate chip pancakes. Because Hello? Chocolate AND pancakes? Could life BE any better? I didn't think so. We were ready. My sister's life partner and her friends had a little difficulty with the concept of getting excited about a meal that is not actually taking place for 24 hours. This is simply not a problem for us.We like to plan ahead. That is why, in Kentucky, when you attend a wedding, you arrive on time. Actually, you arrive a few minutes before the correct time so you will be sure to get a seat before the wedding begins.

Apparently, this is not quite di rigeur in California. At 4:00 when the wedding was to begin, there were five people standing around and chatting. We were expecting 50. This was not good. I went back to reassure the brides that there were a few people here, the others will be here soon, even though I was not remotely sure that would happen. I didn't want them to worry. I was sure people would arrive soon. SURELY. And they finally did. Sauntered in at 4:15 and 4:30 and finally we had everyone in my seats, thanks to my niece Jennifer who was elected to the wedding planner position by a unanimous vote and did an absolutely bang-up job. Three type-A women could not All be in charge. Although we tried. But we were a great team.

But well before this, the decorations were finished, tables were covered with clean white tablecloths and burgundy toppers then decorated with sand and seashells in various, lovely containers. Ivy and twinkly white lights covered every conceivable surface. The DJ arrived, the caterer began bringing in pans of heavenly smelling food, we were all fabulously dressed in our sparkly dresses and strappy shoes and then. Then. No cake. Someone was picking it up. It's on the way. Be here soon. And we needed to start the wedding. With no cake. We had the ceremony and I cried, it was so lovely and the cake finally appeared. With directions on how to put it together. Luckily, our caterer was obligingly enough to help us put it together although that is when we found out we had put it together upsidedown.

Looked fine to me. Tasted fine too.

The rest of the wedding was quite fabulous. There was dancing and drinking and laughing and hugging and more dancing. And nobody really cared that the cake was late. They were much more concerned that we not run out of white wine. And we didn't.

So a very good time was had by all. Then we had to take down all the ivy and twinkly lights. And maybe Nancy is ready to say we should have used less ivy now that we had to take it all down.

But maybe not. She was pretty happy with her ivy and lights. Even tearing them all down didn't dampen her enthusiasm. Actually, it would take a LOT to dampen Nancy's enthusiasm.

And now back to Kentucky.

Maybe we will see someone famous at the airport. That could TOTALLY happen. We will keep you updated.


Lizzybee said...

I can't believe everyone was so late!

I remember at somebody's wedding these two girls were 10 minutes or so late, and the wedding coordinator wouldn't let them come in, she sent them up to the balcony.

Two things you are never late to- weddings and funerals.

aclaypot4him said...

Yes, yes, it would take a like to dampen Nancy's enthusiasm!!! She's more precious than tons and tons of ivy and sparkling lights! As a matter of fact the sparkling lights probably appeal to her simply because of her sparkling personality. :O) Fancy Nancy.

Whoever heard of showing up at a wedding a half hour late? I would have gotten a bit razzed by that...I'm taking that Carole and Cheryl took it in stride.

My southerner way of thinking would have been stretched superduper to the limit if I had been able to attend. The organizational side of me would have been consuming plenty of white wine to remain calm.

Now...I wait for pictures...

sarah said...

Everything sounds amazing! I cannot wait to see the pictures!

Wep said...

Pictures please??

Lynda said...

Sounds like a very nice wedding. Being a southern gal, too, I totally understand the need to be punctual and plan the next meal as soon as you sit down to one - or before!