Thursday, October 2, 2008

I THINK I Already Did That

Jack Frost is starting to nip our noses around here and everywhere you go, you see trees that have one section of crimson or gold leaves which have turned that color virtually overnight. I thought about taking a walk and getting some photographs but then I thought.

Hey. I think I did that exact same thing last year.

And I did. So you can just go and look at those pictures. Because really? There is not a whole lot of change from one fall to the next. It's basically the same leaves going from green to yellow or red. And then they all fall off. Not much excitement there. Except I get to wear nice leather boots soon. There IS that.

So I decided to take pictures of my fall decorations instead. Because that way I could stay in my sleeping pants all day. And that's pretty much the criteria for deciding what to do on the weekend around here. I love decorating for the seasons because, frankly, I get bored with my house and, since Tom won't let me buy all new furniture every month or so, this is our compromise.

So, come on in, y'all! Here's the fall arrangement I made for my front hall.

And here's my electric Jack'O'Lantern because nothing says Halloween like a pumpkin you plug into the wall.

Come on in the family room. Here's my fall cushions on the couch.

And my coffee table.

The fireplace.

And lest we forget? The bathroom. Because everyone knows that your bathroom must be seasonal as well. We are JUST LIKE Martha Stewart around here. Without the jail time.

So there you have it. My fall decorations. Do you have yours up yet?

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Lynda said...

If you see that Jack Frost, please send him to my house!

Aubrey said...

Cute stuff! Now I need to find some stuff for the bathroom. Any excuse to shop!
I only have our little entry way table semi-decorated. I gotta get moving!

Wep said...

I too aspire to be like Martha without the jail time :)