Thursday, October 16, 2008

I May Have Been A TRIFLE Obsessed

OK. I might POSSIBLY have been writing a lot about my ensemble for the upcoming nuptials such as an entire blog post about my dress and one about my shoes and, oh yeah, YET ANOTHER ONE ABOUT MY DRESS. But I am finished now. Truly. Completely finished. Except.

I do need a watch.

No, you shut up.

I do. All my watches are casual and I need a dressy, little silver watch that is not too expensive, fits my wrist and has a face I can actually read. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. I just spent the whole day at the mall and part of it was spent looking for a watch.

But then I got home and had an email about this site called ShopWiki that will actually do your online shopping for you. (That link is for car seats, but you can shop for anything.) Apparently, you just tell it what you want and, presto!, it looks through all the online stores to find EXACTLY that item. At the best price. So I decided to set it on a quest for the perfect watch for the wedding ensemble.

I typed in "Silver+watches" and let it shop for me. It popped up with a lot of options and then gave me the choice to narrow it down my price, brand and color. So, first I narrowed the price to $20 - $50. Hey. I just spent $62 on a pair of Spanx so my tummy would be flat in my black dress. Uh. Tom. Forget you just read that. Then I thought about it and realized I would really love a silver Timex indiglo watch because I LOVE those and I am basically pretty cheap and, in reality? My Timex watches have lasted just as long as the expensive ones. So I chose Timex for the brand. And, seriously? Look how perfect this is. It is slightly dressy and I can actually read the time.

Not only is it perfect, they have it at TARGET. I can go buy it TOMORROW.

And look? A pink one too! Not what I need at all, but it is so cute, I might buy it anyway.

So, check out ShopWiki. In case you need a silver watch too. Or anything else. Let me know what you find.

This is a sponsored post but I will only write about products I truly think you might like.


Wep said...

You crack me up.

I can make you feel better. I usually get new matching underpants when I get a fancy dress. And I don't mean they match either other. Well, they do. But they also match the dress :P

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Weddings are a BIG deal. I say keep goin' for it until you're satisfied. I did not know about that shopping thing. It's like being a celebrity and having one of those shoppers who does the legwork for you, so you can just go to the gym and do your leg work there!